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INTUITION vs. CONSCIOUSNESS ~ or ~ Total Human Brain Potential (Intuition) VS. Limited Human Brain Potential (Consciousness)

INTUITION is the supreme operation of Human Intelligence, human abilities and human behavior. Even reasoning skills must eventually be guided by intuition. Consciousness itself is merely a matriculated form of human intelligence that must eventually graduate and ultimately transform into intuitive intelligence – but intuition is operating even before we begin intellectualizing the innuendoes of “consciousness” or “conscientiousness”.
Intuition ~ or instant information transference – or the connection between bits and pieces of information ~ describes the basic behavior of particles, energy and matter constituting the principles of ENTANGLEMENT, which define the interconnecting properties of our universe.
These Quantum Mechanical Priniciples distinctly describe the essence of Human Potential, that is, Intuitive instant information transference, or the brain’s ability to connect and inter-exchange bits and pieces of information between all senses and all abilities. But to do that we need to cultivate and inherit full brain potential, which is identical to full intuitive intelligence development.
Full human brain potential, or fully developed intuitive intelligence capabilities (as opposed to only the 20% of brain potential that we have traditionally activated and utilized for thousands of years) is the qualitative element necessary to relinquish the vague characteristics of “consciousness”.
As moral as we may try to be, “consciousness” exempts us from taking responsibility for our fate, for our purpose, for our past or our future. It forces us to rely on prophetic predictions because the qualities of consciousness are limited and fail to provide the raw elements necessary to fully develop the prefrontal cortex. What that simply means is that the human brain is naturally, and ultimately designed to think in foresight terms rather than in hindsight terms. It means that the leader of your highly intelligent, happy, successful, moral life is in the front of your head — rather than in someone else’s head, or someone’s finger pointing at you.
Intuition opens the door to all possibilities of knowledge while creativity constantly reconfigures the doorway of endless possibilities.
Intuition is the key to genuine human potential. Consciousness is a limited asset, and in truth it is more of a deception because it proposes limits on knowledge and information while the human brain is naturally designed for unlimited knowledge potential — plus, few, very few experts agree upon a definition for consciousness.
The features of intuition are much more rigorous, plus they clearly describe the entanglement behavior of particles, energy and matter – of which we are all made of. ‘Consciousness’ neither fulfills the requisites for total brain potential, nor does it describe the fundamental essence of particles.
We believe we must pursue consciousness in order to become fulfilled or in order to become one with the universe – while the fundamental elements and values of intuition are capable of fulfilling the total development of all human abilities that can yield the full potential of the human brain. Human potential is cultivated by the intuition within us – and NOT by a ‘consciousness’ with a sloppy hard-drive of distant memories and a weak ability to instantly transfer knowledge and information.

Identifying the Connectome

What is the connectome? The genome project has identified the properties and secrets of genes, simple enough – albeit that there are approximately 25,000 genes to identify. These you are born with. The connectome is being described as the part of your brain that describes “you”, that is, as Dr. Francis Collins essentially puts it “you are your connectome”! But unlike your “genome” that you are born with, you were not born with your connectome. So, it is different with your “connectome” which is ensured by development, whatever that may come to be. Although your connectome is significantly influenced by your “genome”, among other influencing factors, mainly cognitive development factors, it is also indicative and/or speculative of your unique abilities.
To say your are your “connectome” is fundamentally true, but this fails to answer certain questions, such as ‘How did you become your connectome’? or ‘How did your connectome became you’! The MORE important question is “HOW and WHEN did your connectome become your connectome – and how essentially did you become you, if your connectome is YOU”?
Your “connectome” is your “neuro-net”, so when did your neuro-net become your neuro-net if you were born without your neuro-net, that is, if you were born without your connectome? Your neuro-net, or your connectome became a fundamentally connected neuro-net – most fundamentally, most formidably, most structually and most cognitively – during the preschool stage of brain development.
So to say that you are your “connectome” is precisely and unequivocally the same as saying that you are your “preschool brain”. Yes, this is a hard and humbling admission for any of us to make, let alone compelling brilliant neuro-scientists and nano-scientists to admit or deduce and just plainly say so and inform the rest of us. But it is nonetheless the reality of who each and every one of us “is”. In all fairness I think reconciling with this admission simply boils down to acknowledging that identifying ourselves, and even assessing and recognizing future abilities as well as future brain development challenges – all of these are best identified at the preschool stage.
The preschool stage is the exploration ground for assessing the whole picture of the brain and precognizing the potential patterns for precognitive thinking that will be exercised by the final development of the prefrontal cortex (during the teen and early adult years of brain development). To be able to learn by freely exploring during the preschool stage, which is requisite for preschool learning, sets the stage for acquiring the freedom of becoming who you are and who you’d like to be, thus setting the stage for exercising the critical thinking elements of free-will – or creatively reinventing yourself, that is, the “you”.
But while we are on the topic of identifying how all of the clues of human brain potential can be uncovered and explicitly elaborated upon by clueing into the preschool brain, we must also take into account the previous three years of cognitive brain development, and become more rigorous about defining “emotional cognition”, which cognitivology has distinctly accomplished. Dr. F. Collins is definitely on the right track and will likely be able to map out a trajectory of successful milestones for the brain initiative as ‘The Brain Initiative’ works to track and map out a collage of the entire brain’s connectome activities. But first he must realize that his “connectome” is his “preschool self”.
Within that effort, hopefully the long term goals of the Brain Initiative will include taking into account that we are mapping brains with only a 20% or so, activation potential, meaning, we already know that we are using a very small portion of human brain potential – PLUS – this limited or ‘specialized’ or ‘pruned’ reduction of neurons, would logically have resulted in a limited portion of brain usage we have been cultivated upon for so many thousands of years. The opposite hypothesis, a cultivation of mostly used synapses and neurotransmitters could likely yield an opposite effect – gee, more brain potential to be used, what a novel idea. Chances are, we are meant to use most of them because they keep returning…
It’s worthwhile to realize that this pruning process takes place sometime before the “connecting” processes of the neuro-net that make you, well you — This specialized pruning takes place before the preschool stage sets in, and the pruning is a short lived process. This is at least partially why so many conditions and dispositions can actually be identified by the end of the preschool stage. This also means that ABILITIES can be identified at this time too. But best of all, it means that things can be remedied and reconfigured during the preschool stage.
Those nerdy little synapses and neurotransmitters insistently present themselves generation after generation, instead of giving up or going away. Well thank goodness. You’d think one of us would get the message. Either those basic early neurons would stop coming back generation after generation as we continue to pigeon-hole them, or we’d finally realize that they are there to be used and counted on for the possible full potential of the human brain. The challenge is on – IT’S TIME TO CONNECT THE DOTS

MAKING HISTORY – The Obama “Brain Initiative”

Recently, a friend reminded me of something that Einstein said, it was – “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”. Intuitive intelligence is the crowning glory of our human potential. History will show that the most important movement, the most significant piece of legislature ever put forth by a world leader will have been the Brain Initiative. You may really like, or really dislike President Obama, you may have voted for him or voted for the other guy. In the long run, what will really matter to history? History will forget the health care program, or the financial bailouts and even the war on terror – WHY? Because the success of compassionate-optimistic human brain development will solve and resolve all of those challenges anyway. HUMAN PROGRESS is a matter of Human Development, and Human Development IS Human BRAIN Development. But the most important thing to remember in this effort – and the key for the success of the BRAIN INITIATIVE – is to realize that Human Brain Development is CHILD BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. If we are to follow Einstein’s advice, then we would realize that Intuitive Intelligence Development would be the best motto that the Brain Initiative could adopt. The “marriage” between Neuroscience and Nanoscience is going to be a profound relationship. However, mapping and tracking the connections between neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters, dendrites, axons, gliel cells and enforcing a harmonious truce between the limbic system and the frontal lobe of the brain – tying all of that together to get a whole picture of the brain’s interconnecting processes – well, that is going to require taking an intuitive leap. The most impressive aspects, prospects and processes of intuitive intelligence depend on the intuitive learning properties of early cognitive development. The time has come to realize that the substantial operations of intuitive intelligence are established as a cognitive process of early brain development. The magic of intuitive intelligence has been kept alluringly alive for thousands of years because of its mystical and mysterious characteristics, and that will be something it never loses, but it’s also time to understand the mechanics of intuitive intelligence and nothing is more synonymous with intuitive intelligence development than the preschool stage of cognitive development. Preschool teachers are in the position to help make history – be active, be proud, be intuitive.