INTUITION vs. CONSCIOUSNESS ~ or ~ Total Human Brain Potential (Intuition) VS. Limited Human Brain Potential (Consciousness)

INTUITION is the supreme operation of Human Intelligence, human abilities and human behavior. Even reasoning skills must eventually be guided by intuition. Consciousness itself is merely a matriculated form of human intelligence that must eventually graduate and ultimately transform into intuitive intelligence – but intuition is operating even before we begin intellectualizing the innuendoes of “consciousness” or “conscientiousness”.
Intuition ~ or instant information transference – or the connection between bits and pieces of information ~ describes the basic behavior of particles, energy and matter constituting the principles of ENTANGLEMENT, which define the interconnecting properties of our universe.
These Quantum Mechanical Priniciples distinctly describe the essence of Human Potential, that is, Intuitive instant information transference, or the brain’s ability to connect and inter-exchange bits and pieces of information between all senses and all abilities. But to do that we need to cultivate and inherit full brain potential, which is identical to full intuitive intelligence development.
Full human brain potential, or fully developed intuitive intelligence capabilities (as opposed to only the 20% of brain potential that we have traditionally activated and utilized for thousands of years) is the qualitative element necessary to relinquish the vague characteristics of “consciousness”.
As moral as we may try to be, “consciousness” exempts us from taking responsibility for our fate, for our purpose, for our past or our future. It forces us to rely on prophetic predictions because the qualities of consciousness are limited and fail to provide the raw elements necessary to fully develop the prefrontal cortex. What that simply means is that the human brain is naturally, and ultimately designed to think in foresight terms rather than in hindsight terms. It means that the leader of your highly intelligent, happy, successful, moral life is in the front of your head — rather than in someone else’s head, or someone’s finger pointing at you.
Intuition opens the door to all possibilities of knowledge while creativity constantly reconfigures the doorway of endless possibilities.
Intuition is the key to genuine human potential. Consciousness is a limited asset, and in truth it is more of a deception because it proposes limits on knowledge and information while the human brain is naturally designed for unlimited knowledge potential — plus, few, very few experts agree upon a definition for consciousness.
The features of intuition are much more rigorous, plus they clearly describe the entanglement behavior of particles, energy and matter – of which we are all made of. ‘Consciousness’ neither fulfills the requisites for total brain potential, nor does it describe the fundamental essence of particles.
We believe we must pursue consciousness in order to become fulfilled or in order to become one with the universe – while the fundamental elements and values of intuition are capable of fulfilling the total development of all human abilities that can yield the full potential of the human brain. Human potential is cultivated by the intuition within us – and NOT by a ‘consciousness’ with a sloppy hard-drive of distant memories and a weak ability to instantly transfer knowledge and information.

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