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Humanity’s Search for Answers to “Everything” – and the first concrete clue for Science’s attempt to uncover A “Theory of Everything”

At first, it seems quaint and cute in every endearing way, and then it comes as a sort of shock in a mind-blowing and stomach-churning sort of a way.  We are humans that depend on our brain’s development for survival and innovative ideas that make our survival more enduring, and our need for relationships more profound.  What we instinctively and scientifically understand is that 90% of the brain’s development takes place during the first five years of life – these years make up our “Foundation for EVERYTHING in Life” – specifically, the Preschool stage is when “Everything” gets tied together and anchored for the ride of a lifetime (which is why these primordial connections are the hardest to re-wire and re-fire — and also why “the plasticity of neuroplasticity” must also be designed and established during this time).      Preschool IS the “Foundation” for EVERYTHING in Life.  But we reach adulthood and act as though Preschool has nothing to do with anything at all.  What’s even more ironic is that we believe that everything else will provide answers and be able to resolve and uncover the answers and information we need for “everything”.  We turn to “everything else” to understand what’s going on and where we’re headed, but we never if ever delve into the proverbial rabbit hole of preschool development, even though it is the foundation for EVERYTHING — and the shelves of knowledge everywhere testify to our deceptively diverted disinterest in preschool development, as it is the one area of human studies that is the least understood and written about.    Although Religion and Science have contributed much to Humanity so that we may learn more about ourselves, we’ve reached a plateau and it’s time to reverse this order.   We’ve searched the stars and the universe so that we can understand ourselves and this has proved to be fatefully advantageous. Now in order to fully understand the universe, we need to embark on a fuller understanding of ourselves.  If Preschool is the “foundation for EVERYTHING in Life” — as is generally accepted and just as easily professed — then Preschool is either hiding the answers for EVERYTHING, or we are unable to recognize and acknowledge that all the answers we need are there.  Yes, we need to connect all of the dots that make up and compile the totality of full human potential – However, we first need to collect all of the dots before they can be connected, and if we are struggling to find answers, it’s because we are missing dots — dots that can only be found in the “foundation for EVERYTHING in Life”.  By the time we reach adulthood, we’ve only activated, or animated about 20% of our brains completed developmental potential.  The full activation for full brain potential must be animated and activated during the “foundation for everything in life”.  Therefore, we ought to logically conclude that if Preschool is indeed the foundation for everything in life, then 80% of the basic essentials for the full activation of our brain’s potential, are missing in the “foundation” for learning the basics about EVERYTHING we’ll really need in life — everything for relationships and innovating and solving and reasoning and computational thinking and hypothesizing and DECISION-MAKING.  Especially decision-making because decision-making is the one thing we do for practically “everything” in life – more than any other skill.  And, by the way, decision-making is predominantly a precognitive process and since we do decision-making more than any other skill, then that points to the simple realization that the human brain is fundamentally and ultimately designed for precognitive thinking – thinking in foresight, rather than hindsight, which we do a lot of — because — 80% of the basic elements we need for precognitive thinking, must be set up during the preschool stage for learning the basics of everything.     Finally, once we collect all of the dots of brain development during the preschool foundation for building everything we need for life, then we need to tie them together and connect them to the elements and applications of adult intelligence skills, so that we can connect EVERYTHING, and literally figure out everything we ever need to or want to — ——  including the most basic desires of peace and prosperity that are necessary for humanity’s attempts to progress and advance on our small blue planet in the massive universe.