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Tomorrow’s Thinkers and Innovators are in Pre-School Today !!  Learn More About How Computational Thinking for all Classifications of Knowledge are Intuitively Prepared During the Preschool Stage of Life.  Learn what’s needed in early education “today”, so that “tomorrow” will be sustainable and successful in all endeavors of humanity.  Faster and more efficient amenities and lifestyles depend on more than just technology.  “Everything” must be equally affected by change.     Preschool is the Foundation for “Everything” in Life.                                                                      Therefore, “Everything” in Life ought to be understood and solved in accordance with the Preschool stage of life, because it is the foundation for everything ~ ~ this is the most fundamental criteria for computational thinking, especially creative computational thinking, which will define the most sought after skill  for all careers in the near and far future.                                                                                                       Perhaps, Science will continue to improve our lives, Medicine may cure all diseases, and Religion might save the world from sorrow.  But in the meantime, as humans — the only species born with underdeveloped brains — we are called to work together with the one thing that we all have in common ~ The need to develop our brains — the need to develop CHILDHOOD — which is one in the same as  Brain Development, and the Preschool stage is the proving ground for Neuroplasticity and higher brain potential.        

What is computational thinking?  It means “collecting” all of the dots, before “connecting” all of the necessary dots.  It means understanding more than just the three-dimensional world, and that the preschool stage does indeed have something  to do with everything in life.  INITIALLY, it means that our realizations and endeavors during adulthood ought to include that understanding, rather than act and believe as though Preschool has nothing to do with  anything at all.                                                                       COMPUTATIONAL THINKING  + PRESCHOOL = THE FULL DEVELOPMENT OF THE HUMAN BRAIN BRAIN                                      But FIRST we need, yes need to understand Preschool as the Foundation for Everything in Life, which means that we need to understand the exact meaning of “foundation” and the actual meaning of “everything”.