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Let’s Get a Grip

Conversations with others over the years have conveyed a similar overall perception – or rather set of misconceptions – that the world is going to just continue as it always has with its imbalanced “balance” of good & bad, prosperous & adverse elements of “life”, or that we will one day be enshrouded with some cosmic force that will instantly grant people a sense of universal enlightenment, which subsequently will transform the world into a place of harmony that humans throughout human history have longingly awaited for. — Or, alternatively, that some apocalyptic event will just wipe us all out, in which case, the need for enlightenment will just become null and void.

If any of these thinking strategies are correct, then one of these scenarios will likely take place. But if our thinking is incorrect, then what are the alternative possibilities?  The simple logical assumption is that it is WE who will either make or break our existence and DECIDE the quality of our existence.

Nirvana, universal consciousness, kingdom of heaven, etc. is granted and established by us when we can use the instrument that helps us to create the most enlightened prospects for our existence — our human brains. Even if the cosmos magically blanketed us with some higher force of wonder and good will, how might we possibly recognize it when our brains are using a mere 20% or less of our brains’ total potential ???   We’d have to be able to recognize this force, our essential compositions would have to be able to tolerate the knowledge and resonance of an enlightened force field of knowledgeable expectations for our harmonious existence.  In other words, we still have some work to do, but how do we identify what classification of knowledge will help us to build an enlightened-higher-conscientious-force of harmonious human existence?

In philosophical terms, the universe wants people to recognize the messages of information for enacting and applying the most essential properties of universal knowledge — meaning that each of us must become the messenger. How does that work?  Once again, each of us must be in full command of the potential of our brains’ knowledge processes beyond the current version of information processing.  We ought to be able to use 100% of our brains’ potential in the same ways that we expect to be able to use 100% of our blood, or our lungs, or kidneys or hearts or any other organ of our individual compositions. It is the reason that folks with illnesses want to get better and improve their health?

But would any person vote to be born with illnesses only to have to spend their lives overcoming and improving health challenges?  Do parents expect their children to be born unhealthy just so that they can conjure ways to put children’s health on track for experiencing the best things in life?  Brain development takes place during the childhood years, so it is during these times that we should also expect to fully equip the human brain for enlightened potential.  In other words, do we deliberately or inadvertently set up children so that they will have to spend the majority of their adult lives fixing and remedying the inefficiencies of proper brain development that were missed and dismissed during the years of childhood brain development ???

Higher, or full human brain potential is dependent upon childhood brain development.  Every endeavor and issue and challenge of humanity IS an issue of human brain development.  So the key to creating our best prospects for human existence is understanding and implementing the human brains’ requirements for its full potential during the childhood years.  But we must come to grips with acknowledging that if we are reaching adulthood with a mere 20% of our brains potential, then we need to understand that 80% of the required elements for full brain potential are missing from the years of child brain development.  In other words, this 80% has something to do with nothing that we already know – it has very little to do with what we think we know.  That is what we need to come to grips with exploring.  The answers we seek can be uncovered by delving into the proverbial rabbit hole of early brain development, when 90% of the human brain actually develops.

Each of us is a grown-up–broken-down version of our early childhood selves, because we are functioning and operating everything we know and do on a brain that was 90% developed within the first five years that is missing 80% of its required elements for full development.  We can keep looking at the stars if we want, because we have the choice and free will to do that.  But chances are that we are more likely to find the answers we need in the 90% childhood part of ourselves, rather than continue to tread the beaten path and stubbornly believe that we will find it in the adult part of ourselves that makes up only 10% of who each of us IS.

Genuine child brain development is the central means for any version, process, or progress for implementing every sense and ability of higher human existence.