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To really capitalize on the brain’s potential, we need to understand the one thing we all keep avoiding – understanding the fundamentals of brain development.

To believe that any of us is exempt from understanding child brain development is a gravely mistaken notion.  The more you focus on adult-development and dismiss the essentials of child brain development, the more you are denying the natural conditions for real self-improvement.

Do we really need alien technology or artificial intelligence or better political systems or economic might, in order to truly understand how to genuinely advance human progress – which by the way, logically demands the use of our brains. Clearly we need to use more than the 20% of brain potential we’ve been using for the past 40,000 – 50,000 years. We need to understand how the brain really works, rather than continually working the brain the way we think it works.  We need to understand the terms and conditions of the brain’s natural requirements for its full development, which starts with the fundamentals.  Undoubtedly, starting with the fundamentals call us to direct our attention into the natural conditions for early child brain development — or that time in life when 90% of our brains develop. It is that particular time in life that our brains are nurtured to develop in accordance with the ways human progress profoundly influences our learning predilections and choices over a lifetime. People will argue that we are still free to make choices, but the choices for changing and decision making have remained proportionately limited for thousands of years.  Recent genetic evidence suggests that our brains capacity has increased about 7% over the last five or six thousand years, but that is a much slower rate of progress than the compounding rate that humanity needs.  It’s also much too slow comparably, for what we are capable of achieving.   Humanity will never truly progress, except technologically as it always has, unless we can achieve and master the full use of our brains. The problems we have are the problems we’ve always had, and will continue to have, unless we advance the true potential of humanity’s intelligence and behavior capabilities.  Technology makes us think we’re advancing and does a good job of helping the quality of life, but it has been ineffective in changing the problems that plague us from generation to generation.  Furthermore, aside from the innovative developments of technology, human progress, which is synonymous with human brain development, has maintained a tunnel vision of emphasizing and focusing on adult-self-improvement theories.  This is nuts!  The brain develops during the childhood years.  Essentially, and either inadvertently or unconsciously, what we think we can do is reverse engineer human brain development — but we reach adulthood with only 20% of our brains’ potential intact and activated – a sort of 0.2 version of partial brain applications, instead of a 10.0 version of total brain applications, or 100% of all the parts and pieces that must be included and be in good working condition.   You can only reverse engineer something if you have all of the parts, or at least most of the parts in mostly undamaged condition.  Missing 80% of the parts of anything is a futile effort in reverse-engineering – or in the case of our human progress efforts – recovering the lost potential of total brain power that ought to have been established in the growing years of childhood brain development. The project we have to be involved in is to properly engineer, or re-engineer childhood and the course of brain development under the terms and conditions that appeal to the full potential of our brains.  Humanity as a whole has to be involved in this project and it means that we all need to be involved in understanding the conditions for genuine brain development — because we all have a brain and therefore we all need to understand what it means to implement the basic tools for child brain development that will yield 100% of our brain’s totally authentic power of potential.  Ninety percent of each of us was once upon a time, now and forever — a preschooler! Only 10% of each of us is the adult part of “ourselves”. 

Oh, and let’s never forget about the “fail-safe device” — that special glitch that ensures that the brain will be secured optimal intelligence and behavior processing, thus thwarting the cultivation of evil.

So — Watch out for our newest publication, available by summer’s end 2014 ~  “Collecting and Connecting the Dots – Human Brain Version 10.0  ~ A Collaborative Human Progress Project, Upgrading our 40,000 year old Brains.                                                      A COGNITIVOLOGY PUBLICATION