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#Pope Francis Has Just Earned Himself a Well-Deserved #Spanking

Within the last couple of days, the Pope announced that he supports #spanking – with the exception that it is never appropriate to slap a child in the face. Well, believers around the world that believe in you, and are looking for a good reason to support their own views and #beliefs that spanking is a fair child-rearing tactic are complicit, albeit unwittingly with you, setting back child development to the dark ages. It is Cognitivology’s mission to support the human ability to make good #judgments and become decent detectors of others’ innate abilities, so it is a sad occasion to have to make this exception with someone so massively influential.

Pope Francis – you ought to seriously reassess your own judgments.  If you knew the slightest thing about brain development, you would never support spanking.  Spanking is completely inconsistent with the authentic properties of natural human brain development – and human brain development / human progress are inseparable from child brain development.  Spanking can actually lower an I.Q, while hugging has been proven to raise I.Q.’s  But more importantly, any act of violence is a precursory element for war, which is contrary to peace and the creative potential of the human brain — Ahem Pope Francis, you do understand that the human brain is a creation of God, and if God created the human brain to acquire knowledge and information for peaceful and prosperous lives for all humans, who indeed are you, especially in your position to announce to the world that spanking is “okay”.  You are in fact professing publicly to be a soldier of Peace???  Yes, people have their “beliefs”, and everyone is entitled to their personal views on everything, but it is our #traditional #old-fashioned #beliefs, which require the processing power of our brains, that have stunted us from using the full #capacity of the God-given brains we’ve been endowed with.  Has it ever occurred to you that God designed the human brain so that upon its completed development – when adulthood begins – that our brains were meant to be a direct connecting line to our #creator??? It is the lack of full human brain development that is stuffed and clogged with un-godly beliefs, ensuring that we might never achieve our direct connection to God.  I grew up in the Catholic church and never had any bad experiences with my church or school, but unfortunately, I see again and again how the Catholic church is leading people astray.

Querido Papa, le aviso sinceramente que deberias tomar tiempo  para estudiar el celebro humano — por su propio proposito, y por el proposito de la humanidad – siendo que usted representa un posicion divina para mucha gente. Si su voluntad verdadero lleva la intencion de unir y mover humanidad hasta una epoca neuva de pas y prosperidad, entonces, es justo entender y utilizar la propiedad mas poderosa que nos ha dado nuestro Padre Celestial – nuestros celebros. 

Remember Dear Pope, #Children are fervently true  disbelievers in spanking ~ and the bible says, “unless you become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. There is zero spanking in heaven – I assume that’s where you intend to go when you make the passage from this world.  If any of your work carries the elements of creating heaven on earth, then take a little advice from another modern prophet  (i.e., Gandhi)  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.