#Homework, #Taxes, #Death, #UniversalPreschool, the future of #Innovation, Oh, and let’s throw #Schrodinger’s Cat in the Mix too.

Title Translation ~
We the people, (the authoritative people) would prefer that you avoid thinking for yourselves. We’d just prefer that you continue believing that you are thinking for yourselves and making your own decisions and valuable judgments (which includes voting for us so that we may continue ruling over you.)
Hey folks, did you know that there is actually “no law” or amendment mandating that you must pay “income taxes”? That’s right! I’m still looking to be sure, because although I’m certain this is true, I’m usually the sort of person inclined to investigate things for myself, it’s just too much a part of being an independent researcher. The reality is that the tooth fairy and knowing the condition of Schrodinger’s Cat are more real than the supposed requirement of having to pay income taxes.
And for that matter, so is the elusive idea about “consciousness”, which is starting to make me feel sadly and pitifully sorry, albeit empathetically, for the evolved intellectual minds that uphold the undefined theories and elements about our conscience capabilities. This too is more concrete than the non-existent law about income tax payments. This is important, because in order for a body or agency to operate effectively, it needs either the power of the law on its side, or it needs the power of fear – – and we all know too well which one of these features the IRS is really operating on.
So, will I continue to dole out my taxes every year to the IRS? Probably yes, but mostly because I seriously never want to indulge the time or trouble of engaging an investigation or get audited.
On the topic of debunking Schroedinger’s cat? That’s a bit more involved, but it’s detailed explicitly in my second book – the rigor of which is outlined by describing the specific parameters of intuitive intelligence, which also involves debunking the ambiguity of “consciousness”.
I’m sure Schroedinger, and his supporting fellow Eugene, who elaborated on Schrodinger’s consciousness theme meant well. However, neither did us the favor of untangling the properties of consciousness because they missed the prize feature of “interconnecting” the trait of intuition with the characteristics of “consciousness” — and as we all know too well, it is the central intent of Physicists to implore the interconnectedness of the universe to reveal itself…
As to the rest of this list of curious items and what the heck do they have to do with one another, we’ll leave death for the last because it is the only absolute and vindicating event of them all.
Oh, and before I forget, duh, we should tuck in the life frightening condition of Alzheimer’s. This is hardly meant to be light-hearted or comical. The latest information tells us that it is the build-up of the tau protein that contributes to cognitive decline. The question is – which came first? ~ the “cognitive decline” or the “tau”. Well this is the same as asking; which came first? the brain or beliefs??? The chicken-egg debate is so last millennium, so we can leave that there where it belongs – if we ever unleash all of our cognitive potential, perhaps we’ll be able to answer the chicken-egg mystery. In other words, in the meantime, we have more important and more pertinent questions, such as, the connection between intuitive intelligence and cognitive development, and how they become disconnected from one another – a grave misfortune in the process of total human brain potential, and the interconnecting theme of universal-interconnectivity.
The point is that in the protein build-up of the tau is the result of incapacitating the neurons from doing their regular work, which is to connect and transfer bits of information and knowledge. The connectivity ability of neurons is mostly programmed during the preschool stage – to move freely and make connections. Making “connections” is also the most primordial feature of intuition. Rather it is in acknowledging that there must be a platform of connectivity between intuition, intuitive language development, cognitive development and unlimited knowledge processing WHEN these features of early brain development think they are all identical processes – meaning that the only choice they have is to connect.
Why is this initial connection so significant? That is aside from preschool being the foundation for everything in life? It is significant because it is our impervious intuitive minds that carry on the strategies of learning and connecting knowledge for a lifetime, after our brains have graduated from the stages of development at approximately 22 – 25 years of age. It is our intuitions that keep our cognitions working.
The tau is hardly the “cause” of Alzheimer’s, it is more highly likely that it is the “effect” of diminished intuitive intelligence that has been banned from sustaining our cognitive abilities over the years. And all because our early intuitive capabilities were disconnected and dismantled from our genuine cognitive abilities.
Yes, nobody in the Neuroscience community is ready or willing to divulge this, or rather admit to this, but we are rigorously predicting that this is exactly the case… Neuroscience will catch up one of these days.
That all being said, we make a full circle to the hot topics of “universal preschool” and whether “homework”, that is, school work done at home, and how everything we process is fundamentally connected in the “everything foundation” of our early cognitive developments. To be redundant, everything we think, feel, invent, create, decide, intend, and do are all dependent upon our “cognitive” abilities that must all be intuitively connected ~ lest we want to forever languish in the frenzy of mysterious unknowingness, and the interconnectivity of us with the rest of the interconnecting universe [and this is where a double ‘duh’ is appropriate].
Let’s get it on… it’s time to reconcile that cognitive development and intuitive intelligence development, or
intuitive cognitive development must be nurtured to avoid all of the debacles of behavior, intelligence and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
We use only 20% or less of our brains capacity and 90% of whatever ratio of brain potential we activate is baked within the first ‘5’ years of life. So that means that 80% of what we really need to know – to think and decide for ourselves (rather than give up the illusion), is missing from these first five years of life. Once again, that time in life that we describe and ascribe as being the foundation for everything in life.
The human brain is an emotionally developed brain and this brings us to the topic of “homework”.
Emotional intelligence can really only be legitimately acquired from our parents and primary caregivers, which means that home-time with family and friends is emotional intelligence time and relationship time – because emotions require relationships, both of which are needed for appropriate cognitive development, and the full potential of our cognitive capabilities. So home-time should never be consumed with academic work from school. Homework fails to support the emotional development of the human brain.
Beside the fact that teachers need to be given credit, trust, support and academic freedom to do their teaching jobs autonomously, thereby having the flexibility to observe and determine the particular abilities of each student, they are also overworked humans who also need home-time and be free of excessive paperwork.
The simple proposal? School can be an hour longer and parents workdays can be an hour shorter so that parents and children may arrive home at the same time to enjoy and fulfill the parameters of REAL human brain development through qualitative and quantitative relationships.
Last of all, alas, we conclude with the topic of DEATH. one of the most taboo subjects, notwithstanding that it is gaining notoriety and certainly becoming more popular and less taboo than the real requirements for Preschool-intuitive-cognitive-development.
The aftermath of death is a curious phenomenon, but one that none of us will escape. There was a time in scientific history when “electromagnetism” was completely misunderstood and certainly never thought of as interconnecting forces. Plus the idea of invisible non-linear forces affecting or moving visible concrete items, such as wires was considered completely insane. We now know that there is nothing absurd about electromagnetism (thanks to Faraday) and that without it, we would be unable to benefit from many of today’s technologies. The other grand theme uncovered around this same time was the universal law or principle that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be changed from one form to another (thanks to a french tax collector turned scientist).
Both of these ideas preceded Einstein’s theories of relativity and the basic premises of interconnectivity. Certainly there must also be a ‘cognitive theory of relativity’.
In any event, unless we can prove that the human mind is exempt from the laws of energy and matter, or that we can prove that minds are automatically subject to being scrambled upon death by some other elusive or unknown force, then we ought to logically concur that our minds proceed in their essential essence after our bodies have returned to the soil of our planet. Our minds live on and as such, retain the capacity to interconnect with every other aspect and element of the universe, and may even account for the principles of unlimited knowledge access from the universe, whence all knowledge is derived and originates.
At this point, we must ask if taxes, death, universal preschool, homework, and Schrodinger’s cat are indeed interconnected. It is here that we conclude with the definitions of “universal preschool” vs. the elements of basic “universal knowledge” that ought to be part of preschool-intuitive-cognitive-development. There is a grandly distinct difference – and we all ought to know exactly what that is because we are products of our preschool development, and only a reformation of preschool brain development can reform EVERYTHING.

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