If we had to use one term to describe the conditions of all of the world’s challenges, it would have to be “emotional poverty”. But first, let’s define the word challenge. When we speak of humanity’s challenges, this ought to include a variety of symptoms. Typically, the first thing that comes to mind are difficult problems and adversities. The other type of challenge involves how to create viable solutions for the difficulties of degradation, destitution, limited resources, oppression, upheaval in communities and societies, war, political corruption and of course, inequality and poor economic distributions – better known as poverty. On the other hand, besides tackling problems and finding solutions, there is the challenge of advancing human progress with far more brilliant ideas, whether #technological or #humanitarian and figuring out, in general how higher human development can actually move forward.
What ought to be at the forefront of all of these movements, is the tool, rather our best asset, for addressing and implementing every task we embark upon, and literally, every activity we perform on a daily basis. In other words, anything and everything we do we need our brains to do it. Our brains (and bodies) need energy, and human energy comes in the form of nutritional sustenance – – a.k.a “food”. Food is our most basic need and right, and this is probably why eliminating poverty is one of the world’s greatest concerns and quite likely, the favored cause of the world’s philanthropists (with Education being a close and/or equal concern).
Every year, more and more dot-org’s and charities are created to feed and educate the world’s needy. But the statistics and conditions of poverty seem to be completely immune to the plethora of organized groups that are genuinely intent on eliminating poverty. The facts are that poverty just continues to double over the decades, and even while the amount of millionaires and philanthropists are likely also doubling at the same rate, we remain helpless to defeat poverty.
The most recent data still reveals that about 50% of the world’s population live on $2 dollars a day, and some on less than that. If we used a dollar sign to describe what we ALL live on — what we all operate on mentally and emotionally — then everyone in the world is living on, and has access to less than $2 a day. We use only 20% or less of our brain’s total potential, so technically speaking, even a (monetary) millionaire or multi-millionaire, is living emotionally and mentally on only $2 per day. Mentally and emotionally, we are all living on $2 or less per day — in cerebral terms, we are all functioning on only 20%, or less than 20% of our brains’ potential. Comparable to $2 a day, we are all living in a state of mental and emotional poverty. Some experts will argue and patronize this figure, but beware. If this figure had really dramatically changed throughout history, then the majority of ongoing problems, which have been the same throughout history, would have also dramatically changed. Some things have indeed changed, but this can never be attributed to the availability of money.
The significant changes in history are still, and have always been, the credit of great brains – and our willingness, eventually, to understand and accommodate new ideas from great minds. Brains/minds create ideas, and the crux of emotional and mental poverty is realizing that EVERYONE is holding the vessel of a magnificent mind — the worldwide poverty we are all experiencing is the failure to realize that we are all meant to be mentally, emotionally and creatively wealthy. Money may function as a means for resources and materials to produce and generate and build ideas, but the regulations and properties of money itself are generally unchanging and uncreative. Just as 1% of the world possesses 40% of the world’s wealth, so the numbers are similar when it comes to creating and being emotionally and mentally healthy and wealthy. We complain about having too little money, but what we should really be complaining about is having too little emotional and mental wealth.
We all need our brains to do literally everything, and since the healthy mental, intellectual and reasoning capabilities of our human brains are entirely built on an emotional intelligence platform, then we are all equally impoverished, we are all equally missing 80% of the necessities for basic human cerebral sustenance that would pull us all out of the emotional and mental poverty that makes the majority of us depend on the minds of the 1% that may have tapped into using as much as 40% of their minds. When we can arise out of emotional poverty, then every other type of poverty, whether internal or external, will fall away because external poverty is merely a symptom or by-product of our internal poverty.
Of course, if we want to tackle this emotional and mental poverty, that is, unleash and activate 100% of our brains’ total emotional and mental wealth, then we need to know how that is actually accomplished. Every problem and every solution and every idea is formulated at its root, and human brain development is not exempt or immune from this formula, which is why 90% of our brains’ potential is constructed in the first five years of life – in the first five years of our emotional and mental cognitive development. And when we say 90% of our brains’ potential is made, or laid, or constructed in the first five years, we literally mean the first five years. So if we are using only 20% of our brains’ potential, then 90% of that 20% is still structured in the first five years. If we are using 50% or 100% of our brains’ potential, then the formula remains the same – – any ratio, or rate or percentage of brain potential we use will depend on constructing 90% of its projected potential within the first five years of life.
The information to accomplish this feat is now available, it has escaped the realms of the unknown and the mysterious – but this is the difficult part for people to believe, and even though the brain came before beliefs, it still makes for an unbelievable claim. While certain problems such as economic poverty remain elusive, and as long as we remain attached to the belief that we can defeat economic poverty with money, we will remain defeated in this cause. Why? Because although the world is ruled by money, we are meant to be ruled by the full potential of our brains.
Un-fortune-ately – pun intended – the rules of money are inconsistent with the rules of brain development, and it should be the rules of authentic human brain potential that should rule the world. This is why all the problems of the world are always one step ahead of us – because we have all become subjects of money even when we have realized that money itself can never solve the world’s problems.
Only our brains can solve all of our problems. But while we remain glued to monetary solutions, and even as more and more money is virtually thrown at problems without any certain resolutions, we remain stuck on its power to at least quell and modify problems. Most problems get solved, really solved, when people put their heads and hearts together. Therein lies the clues.
The clues and cues and codes for tackling all of the world’s problems are synonymous or identical with solving the challenge of using 100% of our brains’ potential. We continue to be dumbfounded when we put money into the pocket of a problem and become more dumbfounded when the problem refuses to surrender and go away. We love a mystery, that’s why we keep funding problems with money. We never want the mystery to go away.
Many people are inclined to believe that with the accomplishment of 100% of brain potential there will be zero mystery left to life and all of the unknown things we have yet to experience and learn. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The universe is filled with unlimited knowledge. The only mystery we are supporting with the use of our $2 a day ration of emotional and mental brain potential is that we are restricted from gaining any access to any other “dollars”. It is our long-held, deeply rooted beliefs that separate us from greater access and assets to uncover, feed and provide the nutrients for our total brain health. Honestly, who would really rather be in just 20% good health vs. 100% good health. Using and subscribing to the idea of ‘mysteriousness’ is a really poor excuse for rising out of emotional and mental poverty.
The difference between 20% and 100% is that with 100% of emotional and mental wealth and health, there would still be plenty of unlimited universal knowledge and opportunities, but we would have access to it by choice while there will always be more and more unknown information that can be explored and uncovered – or remain uncovered and mysterious if we choose to. But we can never choose between knowing the unlimited unknown and leaving it in the unknown with only $2 or 20% of brain potential. With these assets, the only choice is knowing only 20% of knowledge and being restricted from 80% of all knowledge — or only ever knowing and understanding 20% of anything, or just 20% of everything, even when there is one area of information wherein you really want to know 100% of everything there is to know in that field.
As we continue to believe in ideas and other essentials that pose few to zero possibilities for tackling challenges of any kind, we refuse to believe that the items and elements we need to tackle 100% of our brains’ potential are available to us in the form of the early processes of our brains’ development – if we know what to look for – and this information is indeed available … if only we would believe, if only we would believe in how the brain really works and that the brain was created long before our beliefs were ever created.


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