Apparently, a recent survey described that as much as 90% of young people in Spain said that they disbelieved in Religion. But does that automatically mean that these young people disbelieve in God, or some kind of divinity. Rather, are we to always assume that God and Religion are synonymous? For those that do believe in God, I “believe” most would support the idea that a divine God is infallible and those same people are quite likely to admit that Religions are fallible, so, how could the two possibly be synonymous. Indeed if you examine this conundrum very closely, how would it be any different than surmising that since rodents like grains, we should put them in charge of agriculture, or that because Vampires like blood, we should allow them to be in charge of blood banks.
Do Religions qualify to be good mediators between God and humankind? We humans have a passion for getting caught up in our beliefs, but when beliefs betray or de-humanize the core essence of what we really want and feel as humans – who would be children of God – then it’s time to question what we believe.
When I lived in Germany I was amazed to observe how much culture and art and community activities had been restored into daily human living since the World Wars. People everywhere get involved and even in the 80’s it was hardly uncommon to stroll into a town center where amateur plays were presented for an upcoming date. Okay, there was some variety, but I remember that a majority of plays were themed around the events of the holocaust. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I felt as a foreigner that people of all persuasions were living the residual emotional scars and effects of this tragedy in human history. If I’m guessing correctly, the holocaust lasted approximately about as long as the second world war, so about 5 years, and 40 or so years later, the local population was still processing it all.
Now the Spanish Inquisition lasted for about 350 years, and although it was actually instituted by the Pope and the church, Spain seemed to take the lead on its activities, so much so that it has to have affected the culture, which in turn affects language. The Semantics of spanish/latin culture are chock-full of residuals from the Spanish inquisition, and while some might say that’s a very huge blasphemous assumption, being a half-breed, I was constantly aware of the vastly different sides of suppositions and communications on both my “Latina/Spanish speaking side” and my homegrown “American/English speaking side”. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that at least 50% of those young Spanish people who say they disbelieve in Religion have still maintained their belief in God or some kind of Divinity. I “believe” the survey must be incomplete.
Between ‘God’ and ‘Religion’ and ‘Science’ and the ‘Brian’, which of these are best suited for addressing, solving, resolving, blaming, or causing all of humanity’s problems, as well as its progress? Assuming there is a God or Divine Being, then our first connection to that divinity would be the development of our brains in the womb – long before we are able to develop beliefs, or believe in a religion, or understand the basic principles of natural science. In other words, our most common, single, homogeneous connection to each other and to God is our brains and in our understanding that “God” created the brain. Essentially, the brain comes before beliefs can abound in our minds and hopefully, our executive-reasoning functions that we are all fitted with to eventually master in the teen and finally adult years of human brain development.
We may believe in different “Gods”, or have different names for what might be the same God, but an acute examination of the human brain will testify to the fact that one cosmic dude or dudette is the architect, physiological artist and organized creator of the human brain. If there were many Gods, or many original fat-chance-dice-rolling events that formed the universe, our world and us, then it is highly likely that these different Gods would have different designs for our brains.
If we are all derived from one original cosmic source, then technically, we are all family – – – and we’re gonna let a bunch of superficial fallible belief systems divide us with things like warfare, economic inequality and a full gamut of problems that we all already know about that are too numerous to redundantly list ?!??! There’s also the DNA factor and until recently, it was even thought that the people of Asia might have descended from another group of homonids. But, good ole DNA tells the story that they have the same human family ancestors as the rest of us that migrated out of Africa.
Our human brain plays a role in EVERYTHING we DO. When is the foundation for EVERYTHING we do built? The foundation for EVERYTHING we do is built during the preschool stage of brain development. So if the brain plays a role in everything we do and if preschool is the foundation for everything in life, then what is keeping ALL of us from understanding EVERYTHING there is to know about PRESCHOOL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT?
Another question – if the field of Physics is the leading field of knowledge that tasks itself with figuring out A THEORY OF EVERYTHING, and if PRESCHOOL is the foundation for EVERYTHING in Life, the why are the fields of PHYSICS and PRESCHOOL never thought of as being FUNDAMENTALLY identical — or at least more synthetically connected ???
Only the original source of our existence can account for the design of the human brain that we all homogenously possess, and only the preschool brain, unencumbered by beliefs can provide humanity with the answers to EVERYTHING about the human brain – because it is only then and there, situated in the same “login” mind-brain-space that EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING’S are fundamentally operating together in the same place at the same time. In other words, the part of us that is closest to the original knowledge of the universe, or our Divinity is the preschool part of each of us. We may have disconnected ourselves from it, but the rudimentary truth is that we need that part of ourselves more than we need any religion, or belief system, or even the most sophisticated disciplines of science.

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