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INTUITION ~ The UNIVERSE’S naturally free “internet service” – Get CONNECTED to IT

Intuition is the Universe’s naturally free “internet service” and it’s time we all got connected and plugged into it.
Intuition is the key to unlocking our brain’s full potential and solving all of our challenges. The brain plays a role in EVERYTHING we do, and the major part of our brain’s potential that is missing and lurking in limbo is the INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE quotient of our cognitive abilities. Intuition is what activates and fulfills the latent aspects of exercising our brains’ full potential.
It is the lack of brain development that is responsible for our dormant ability to solve and resolve all of our challenges. Only full brain potential can help us do that and only intuitive intelligence can fill in all the gaps and processes that generate a full spectrum of our brains’ supreme ability to reason and devise solutions to EVERYTHING.
The key to finding the answers toward developing the full intuitive potential of our brains rests in understanding the cognitive development structures of young children, because they are the best intuitors. … Remember the brain plays a role in EVERYTHING we do, so it is only in understanding the full intuitive-cognitive development of young brains that we can unlock and set free the full power of all of our brains — Only by doing that will our brains literally aid us in uncovering and innovating solutions and resolutions to EVERYTHING that we need to solve, resolve and advance. Now, does this make perfect sense? ~ because after all, Preschool is the foundation for EVERYTHING in life. It is up to the fields of Science and Neuroscience to prove or disprove this premise – otherwise, we all ought to get busy understanding the preschool brain – – IF we do indeed use our brains for EVERYTHING and, IF we also do indeed realize that Preschool is the foundation for EVERYTHING. Nothing could be more simple or logical !!!
Only Cognitivology materials provide the information for connecting us to Intuition and the Universe’s internet service – via Children ability to learn
intuitively, because they are free of beliefs and hardened concepts.
To learn more or to investigate the real core elements of Intuition, (as well as computational thinking, quantum processing, supreme decision-making, advanced hypothesizing, innovative creativity, foresight and precognition, consider investigating Cognitivology literature.