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Uh-oh…The World is Flat – – Again

VERSIONS I, II, & III ~ in reverse order:

a + b = c
(a) The Brain plays a role in EVERYTHING we do !!!
(b) Preschool is the foundation for EVERYTHING in life !!!
(c) If you really want to understand the human brain and advance human progress, intelligence, reasoning, ingenuity, behavior, authentic compassion, and fulfill full brain potential – you must go through the Preschool brain. That is, you must be fully cognizant and literal about the brain as it operates and develops at the preschool stage of intuitive-cognitive development.
Even for Rocket Science, there is a basic manual. For human brain development, specifically, for full human brain potential (consistent with the full development of Intuitive Intelligence), there is also a basic manual, it is called the “preschool brain” ~ Comprehending all of the requisites and prerequisites of the preschool stage of brain development establishes a full representation of the codes needed for addressing and fulfilling all of the ingredients that go into full brain potential in adulthood (because all of the necessary basic ingredients are present together and poised for full connectivity during and only during the preschool stage).
Neuroplastic exercises and medicines might prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s, but only Intuitive-Cognitive development during the first five years of life holds a substantial promise – even a guarantee – for preventing degenerative brain diseases.

Of course, this idea fails to fit any of the prevailing narratives of “higher human potential” and what it really takes to achieve it, but it is in fact the only way – and yes, while there are millions of ways to do most anything, there are actually some things wherein there is only one way to get the job done. This is one of them. Just as the sun stays at the center of our solar system and the planets revolve around the sun – and that is the ONLY version for operating a solar system – so it is for human cognitive development. As folks once thought that the sun revolved around the earth, we are stubbornly clung to the idea that human development happens through adult-self-improvement themes and techniques. However it is through child (brain) development that true human brain potential advances. BUT — there are still many parts and pieces of early human brain development that we are missing, so we must acknowledge them and become literate enough about them so that we may make them applicable to childhood brain development.
Remember — ALL KNOWLEDGE and Processes, both natural and artificial, are fundamentally “Mathematical”. COGNITION like everything else, is a “mathematical” function.
DO THE MATH ~ a + b = c
There is another a + b = c equation.
It has to do with Emotional Cognition. Here are the variables:
(a) The human brain is an emotionally developed brain.
(b) Cognition – like everything else – is a mathematical function.
(c) Therefore, emotions, defining and influencing all of the human brain’s cognitive processes, are mathematical.

The math of emotions and the emotions that people uphold about “Math” are inextricably connected. Neuroscientists have been scratching their heads over the idea that “EMOTIONAL COGNITION” has eluded a distinctive definition. This idea is, to some degree based on the idea that the simpler term of “cognition” is still under scrutiny for a more distinctive definition. Yet, this is the exact sort of challenge that ought to be at the forefront of Neuroscience’s agenda – because EVERYTHING we do depends on or ability to COGNIZE. Defining “cognition” ought to be the #1 job of Neuroscience. So what’s the problem? JUST DO THE MATH.

What is the BEST PARENTING ADVICE you’ll ever get?
Advice-Rule #1 — Advice about how to deal with children is good if it’s useful to children’s abilities – even if and when it is offensive to adults and parents.

Advice-Rule #2 – – If you DO things WITH your kids, then they’ll DO the things that you WANT them to do.

Advice-Rule #3 – – “Parenting has less to do with what you “believe” and more to do with how the young brain develops. Young children always want to do the right thing, so treat the young brain the way it needs to be treated – despite your beliefs. You may believe that children are supposed to “just” listen to their parents or “just” do what their parents tell them to do “just because” you are “in charge” — think again! ‘Just because you mix sand and sewage in a bowl with a bit of sugar, baking powder and a dash of chocolate, then stick it in the hot oven demanding it manifests into a tasty cake after 40 minutes — well, newsflash – – Yes we are all only using about 20% of our brains’ potential, but let’s avoid completely insulting our own intelligence. Hear ye, hear ye — whenever your young infant or child says goo or boo or whatever, at least make eye contact or verbal contact, or preferably both — But if you ignore them when they are really young, when they want and need your attention, what makes you think they will hang on your every word when they reach the teen years of development? Save yourself the trouble of reading every teenage-hang-up-problem book in the world and what you might possibly do about it “now”. “Reform” is like a false god OR more realistically, realizing your mistakes and trying to correct things in the best way you can on a second try for which there are few guarantees. Of course, “correcting things” is paramount in any situation. However, getting things right the second time around has become the new “how to get things done correctly at all, ever” — at least when it comes to human-childhood-brain-development. The idea of getting or doing things right the first time seems so elusive, impossible and foreign, indeed, more like alien. Doing brain development more correctly than incorrectly the first time around should feel as familiar and natural as cooking a family meal correctly each evening – on the first try – as most people would expect (except for the rare occasion when some set of kitchen conditions ruin the meal). The TRUE FORM of good human brain development, good relationships, good intelligence, good social skills and good teenagers who emerge into good adults, it’s all formulated when they are in the first ‘5’ years of life. It goes by fast, take advantage of it and the rest will be much smoother and far more pleasant — and maybe even less worrisome, but it will definitely do a lot more for their whole brain development, which they’ll need for their whole life.

Advice-Rule #4 – – The only thing standing in the way of real human progress is real human brain development, which means treating young children according to the natural prerequisites and requisites of real brain development – and since children are going to be taking care of the world they live in, in the future, then they deserve the opportunity to achieve real brain development.

Advice-Rule #5 – – If you beliefs are standing in the way of real brain development, then change your beliefs – unless of course, if you love your beliefs more than your children.

Advice-Rule #6 – – Subliminal unconscious beliefs – acquired during the earliest stages of emotional cognitive development when we were too young to decide our own beliefs – can construct a hard-core cement job on our early developing neuro-nets that are mostly only capable of emotionally cognizing, well, just about everything. In other words, a lot of our impulses, responses and intelligence potential are engineered in the early stages of life – we more than we’d like to know or admit. These patterns are really hard to brake, because as much as we’d like to think that memory has more to do with intelligence than anything else, it is actually Intuition that has more to do with higher intelligence than anything else. For memory to work as an intelligence function, it has to be subject to the mechanics of recall. Intuition, on the other hand is readily available without having to think about it – like the way you speak and express yourself, BECAUSE you learned language intuitively! The best intuitive learners are children, so it’s important to implant the best parameters for a lifetime of learning intuitively — which leads us to the last rule.

Advice-Rule #7 – – The best way for us ADULTS to CHANGE and IMPROVE ourselves is to learn how children learn, or rather, to re-learn how young children learn so intuitively.
For the most GOLDEN RULE of all – –
Verbs are technically and essentially the most subjective, and therefore the most important word in a sentence – without which, we would have little information and instructions about expressing our actions, intentions, desires and decisions. Logically then, why oh why would we diminish the meaning and value of a verb by negating it, especially when young children’s brains are still depending on language that will be needed for all learning skills. So, devaluing the significance of a word – of a verb – by negating it, particularly without telling children what they “can” do instead of what they “can’t” do – is simply cognitively incorrect. Get children to employ as many of their skills, senses and abilities as possible. OMIT giving “instructions” with negated verbs, specifically eliminate the negations “no”, “not”, “don’t”, “can’t” and “shouldn’t”. [And while the verb “should” has been banned from some theories about language semantics and their implications, let’s keep in mind that ‘should’ is a verb and all it need is a restorative definition.]

Technologically and scientifically speaking, yes we know that the world is spherically round, revolves around the sun with the other planets and we’ve discovered the Theory of Relativity, which has opened up a whole new world of information to other fields, such as Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and Astro-Biology — all of which are inextricably connected, and have given us a better understanding of the universe and apparently, ourselves.
But Cognitively speaking, we still live in a world that is a flat 2-D round disk without any real clues or direction about our revolving status, and without having yet discovered a theory of relativity, particularly, a cognitive theory of relativity. And more specifically, although we are always trying to throw Quantum Mechanics into the mix of cognitive processing, we have alienated the inextricably connected fields of String Theory and Astro-Biology as equally influential aspects that would help us unravel and organize our greatest cognitive potential.
Furthermore, we have complicated an already complex set of cognitive capabilities without applying some simple fundamentals, which then makes the whole cognitive picture mysterious. There are a few factors that we are just plain resistant and reluctant to straightening out. Obviously, we need to acknowledge that the flat cognitive world needs to be turned into a spherical body that knows the purpose of its direction and revolving status, and how “relativity” is relative to cognitive processing, just as it is relative to EVERYTHING. Well this alone can have major implications, with seemingly devastating outcomes — just as it was for people when they were first told about the Round world and then later on, about Relativity. Basic belief systems, as well as organized belief systems, went into major upheavals, usually bestowed upon the common people in unthinkably treacherous ways by authoritative institutions, but fortunately for everyone, eventually, ideas, traditional concepts and beliefs were destined to be overhauled into new social notions, and nothing could be done to stop the process of progress – at least until progress hits a plateau – and we have, hit a plateau.
It is time for the cognitive world to be re-shaped. This of course means that we have to un-do a few major assumptions about “human potential” – which of course IS, human “brain” potential.
To start with, we believe that our “reasoning” skills must rule over our “emotioning” skills. This is the first upheaval we have to reconcile with. What we’ve been told about the parietal lobes being the gatekeepers of irrational emotions getting in the way of our rational reasoning skills is simply a farce, or at least a good excuse. People make crazy irrational decisions with “irrational emotions” all the time – the parietal lobes are as incapable of imperviously protecting the frontal lobes from making unreasonable decisions, and its hardly any more effective than the Berlin Wall ever was at keeping people from escaping from the inside to the outside. Besides, every thought and decision – in humans – has an emotional component. The real job of the parietal lobes is to ensure that every emotion is rationally processed by the brain’s hard-wired elements of Compassion and Optimism so that decisions are free to reason “emotionally”. This allows us to reason and cognize in innumerably creative ways – with the values of “conscientiousness” already woven in the fabric of “reasoning” and “innovative thinking” – and all the other fancy things our frontal lobes can do. Compassion and Optimism are the elements by which the brain is supposed to learn EVERYTHING when we are young, so that these become the same elements we use to “cognize” EVERYTHING when we are mature adults. It’s a simple mathematical equation!!!
The next upheaval involves the notion that we believe we are supposed to process our intelligence skills by the ‘knowledge of guilt and consequences’, and that this form of information processing is the supreme purveyer of information-formation for formulating ideas and decisions. For some insane irrational reason, we think that the knowledge of guilt and consequences functions as the supreme criteria of decision-making over the compassionate and optimal version of our authentic ability for computing “everything”.
Then there’s the trend that we are addicted to, and milking it for everything we think it’s worth – and that is our insistence to rely on adult-self-improvement schemes of higher brain potential, which support our belief systems, which are often inconsistent with genuine brain potential. In other words, as long as higher cognitive intelligence falls in line with things such as meditation, brainy games involving puzzles and numbers, social “norms” and religious philosophies, then we are all too happy to indulge. But human development is brain development and human brain development is CHILD brain development, simply because CHILDHOOD is the ‘foundation for EVERYTHING’ in life. So even as adults, improving our brains literally means learning to learn, or re-learning to learn as children actually learn. Duh!
Furthermore, there’s the stuffy sophisticated scholarly debate about defining “Emotional Cognition” and its inferred challenges, just because Neuroscience is still convening to agree on a more rigorous definition of “Cognition”. Usually, if anything is done in a logical sequence, “step 1” is the best way to go. Hello, hello, hello – – emotional cognition does take place first in human cognitive development, so if we just flip the equation and define ’emotional cognition’ first, then maybe the subsequent simple true version of ‘cognition’ will just naturally unfold. Then again technically speaking, there can never be any such thing as just “cognition” or just “cognizing”; every cognitive process in the fully developed adult human brain is a combo of emotional, intellectual and willful cognizing. And by the way, there will never be such a thing as a “non-cognitive” process, as some cognitive proponents suggest – just as “reasoning” without “emotioning” is as ludicrous as trying explaining the fabric of “space” without the element of “time”.
But my favorite of all the “flat cognitive world” parameters is the undefinable and ambiguous promotion of “consciousness”. “Consciousness” and “conscientiousness” at worst are frauds, at best, they are masquerading as substitutes for our real destined potential of “Intuitive Intelligence”. This understanding is going to be the most challenging for a whole range of traditions and belief systems…
The most recently excitable trend is the “Computational Thinking” and “Language Coding” prospects that are being applied to the field of Computer Science, with very little effort going into these same prospects for advancing human cognitive potential. The only reason why Computers have languages to use, is because WE use language and WE created computers – so WHEN can we obtain the same benefits of computational thinking and language coding that computers are entitled to? Huh??? In simple terms, Computer “A.I.” is going to advance because it is holding hands with Human “I.I.” (intuitive intelligence).
But in a final and most bizarre twist of affairs in this flat, irrelative and dissonant cognitive world – which is in need of desperate rhetorical repair – is that from a social, political, scientifically professional, and scholarly perspective, WHO in their right and reasonable mind would dare to regard the work of a PRESCHOOL teacher to be remotely connected to, or significant as that of a PHYSICIST ??? — And by all accounts, the prestige is completely incomparable !! After all, the Nobel Committee hardly offers prizes for breakthroughs in early human cognitive development.
The truth of the matter is that a PHYSICIST’S job is to uncover and record the Fundamental Principles of Math (or the “Language of the Universe” which forms the basis for all classifications of knowledge and information), and the job of a PRESCHOOL teacher is to implant the Fundamental Principles of Math, i.e., the language of the universe, into the hearts and minds of young children ~ while children are still learning LANGUAGE intuitively, and are naturally driven to explore the natural knowledge of the universe. Now who would of ever thought that Physicists and Preschool teachers were “unconsciously” working on the same page in the course of human progress – Huh?!?
“Technically” speaking and “cognitively” speaking, we are barely even trying to work together on the same book, let alone on the same page – of human cognitive and human technological progress. And Economically speaking, the world is ruled by money and unfortunately, the rules and mechanics of money, and the rules and mechanics of brain development are definitely inconsistent and arbitrary, so either the rules of money have to change and money has to be eliminated OR our pursuits for higher brain development have to be forfeited, for the sake of keeping money as the dominant force of worldly organization. This alone has deep historical implications. But as we all know, money is actually unnatural and if it were natural, it would grow on trees.
But the most misguided narrative of all is the concept that Love and Relationships are hard work. What does that even mean? The human brain is an emotionally developed instrument, so WHY, if Love is our most important knowledge attribute would it be so difficult to love and build relationships. This is completely outside the domain of logic in every way, shape and form. Mothers fall in love with their babies the moment they are born. This love is unearned, or rather un-earn-able, but more importantly it demonstrates the providence and role of love in human development. Love was never meant to be such hard work, as we so emphatically and gallantly profess. And on the other hand, HATE should never be so easy, hate should be virtually unfathomable BECAUSE we all have a brain that needs emotional development and while everyone has unique skills, all brains need to be developed by Love, Compassion and Optimism — yet, we’ve built history on a code of ‘hard to love’ and ‘easy to hate’. Humanity has accomplished a lot of impressive things and we do need more advancement still, but it all needs a new set of parameters and narratives for achieving our natural purpose and full potential.
In short ~ Emotioning is destined to rule over Reasoning, Human Development is destined to be designed by the parameters of Child Brain development, Consciousness will have to be de-throned by Intuition, and we must be ruled by the knowledge of potential and possibilities (Compassion and Optimism). We are called to realize and fully acknowledge that the number ‘1’ problem in the world is the efficient amount of brain potential we’ve operated by thus far, and with all of the great things we’ve accomplished, we have even greater and more magnanimous things to accomplish, including ridding the world of the adverse and treacherous problems of human suffering.
Finally, there is one other major element in the process of higher cognitive development, but that is for the more enlightened, so we’ll keep that in a closed book for now. Happy Cognizing Everyone, Cheers.

#Bloomberg Business #BloombergReport ~ How Computer-Science and Neuro-science are Finally Coming Together – – well, sort of…

…Recently, Bloomberg Business published an article by Jack Clark titled: “The Future of Computers Is in the Mind of a Toddler”.
It’s just so wonderous to see that Computer Scientists are finally considering, actually reconciling that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be relative to human cognitive development, that is more particularly, early human cognitive potential. Furthermore, it’s quaintly vindicating that they’ve figured out that Human-Computational-Thinking is the primordial and precursory element imperative to the process and sequencing of A.I.-Computational thinking in computer systems – – as suggested by the subtitle of Mr. Clark’s article noting: “Facebook and Google are trying to create A.I. that mimics the human brain. First they need to figure out how our own minds work.”
The article then proceeds to explain a scenario demonstrating a “sleight of hand” involving the disappearance of a pen behind another object that both an infant and a computer can never appreciate or be amazed by. Alternatively though, a toddler will realize, amazingly, that something is amiss with the magical disappearing act of the pen. Now comes the real fun. Facebook’s A.I. research director describes the observed trick as “not normal” to the toddler mind, and assumingly, what has to be done to get computers to “cognize” this abnormality.
Then he mentions the unmentionable – at least in the mind of someone who knows the realistic potential of a young mind. He has the audacity to say; “One reason to love computers is that, unlike many kids, they do as they’re told”. Well, if any of these computer folk really realized how the human brain really, really does work, they’d realize that like a computer, if you use a computationally or cognitively correct language syntax, you too could get young children to do as you tell them. As such, need it be said now that if they understood the relationship between language and the young human mind that is learning language intuitively, then they’d figure out how to get computers to behave in the A.I. fashion they are all so coveting and competing for !!!
I wish these computer scientists well, because I really do want to see computers advance. Unfortunately, these computer scientists have a long way to go, because even though they now confess to needing the consultations of Neuroscience for answers to their quests, there are other reservations to be considered where the Neuroscientists are concerned.
Specifically, what Computer Scientists seek to extract from Neuro-scientists is somewhat of a long-shot for a couple of very important reasons, especially when their efforts are focused on the MEMORY aspects of NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’T.
Memory, in and of itself, is an intelligence FUNCTION as opposed to being an intelligence QUOTIENT. Memory will never serve as the CORE ELEMENT reigning supreme in the sequencing of Computational Thinking in Computers — because it is also neither the core elemental supreme processing feature of Human Computational Thinking. Unfortunately, Psychology and Neuro-science have upheld memory that way for too long, and it’s just too difficult to demote it from its unchallenged crowning glory.
If only the human brain really worked that way – with memory at its core for supreme cognizing – then they’d be able to imitate, or transfer any memory process to make it operational in a computer system that would tackle the debacle of A.I.information processing. But even in a human, being amazed at the disappearing act of a pen has nothing to do with memory, it is a matter of a subsequent level of cognizing that is tied to the more diverse functions of intuition at a later stage of information processing.
Therefore, they are going to have to delve into a particular stage at a point where all cognizing functions and all core elements of the human mind are gathered together in the same place at the same time – this reality is just beyond the realm of the toddler mind-brain. Intuition is the key! Intuitive Intelligence or I.I. is the true (first born) twin of A.I. and “memory” will never suffice or live-up to the attributes of I.I. Unlike memory, which is merely an intelligence function, intuition is the supreme intelligence quotient.
That being said, it is the PRESCHOOL MIND – the stage following the toddler mind – that needs to be consulted, so to speak, and it is experts who’ve actually dealt with the preschool mind on a daily basis, that ought to be hailed as qualified consultants. That is, as opposed to a bunch of Neuroscientists in a lab studying and observing one or two disconnecting properties of young minds, without putting all the pieces of cognizing together, that indeed form, and perform the daily operations of an intuitive-cognitive preschool mind containing all of the core elements of human computational thinking.
But it may take another lifetime for these “scientists” to consider consulting preschool experts, after all, it’s only “normal” for them to look in all the wrong places – or rather, they “don’t care” because they are unable to cognize what’s plainly available and right in front of them. But kudos and good luck to the A.I. community.
Oh, and by the way, if and when they manage to get the I.I. factors figured out, they can automatically and simultaneously bypass the astoundingly arduous process of pre-exorcising the demon from A.I. because with REAL I.I. — the twin/precursory component of A.I.– the disturbingly disadvantageous properties of evil are incoherent, and therefore are unable to be configured into the algorithms of an equation that devises the properties of highly advanced A.I. With memory at the core of A.I.-computer processing, the element of evil will always be a never-ending battle.
Of course, the true conclusion here is that authentic Human-Intelligence needs to be established — and to do that, the Neuroscience world ALSO needs to embrace the Preschool Brain – beyond studies of delayed gratification abilities, and the dissection of disabilities. Memory, as much as it is idolized on a pedestal, will never be the Savior of Artificial Intelligence, or Alzheimer’s, or the art of acing high test scores. The answers to our intelligence prayers lie in the authentic mechanics of intuition – relative and applicable to all forms and dimensions of knowledge ~ including unconscious memories. Even as equal partners working fully together, “Consciousness” and “Memory” will never pack the power of Intuition. Intuition is our final purpose and destiny.