#Bloomberg Business #BloombergReport ~ How Computer-Science and Neuro-science are Finally Coming Together – – well, sort of…

…Recently, Bloomberg Business published an article by Jack Clark titled: “The Future of Computers Is in the Mind of a Toddler”.
It’s just so wonderous to see that Computer Scientists are finally considering, actually reconciling that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be relative to human cognitive development, that is more particularly, early human cognitive potential. Furthermore, it’s quaintly vindicating that they’ve figured out that Human-Computational-Thinking is the primordial and precursory element imperative to the process and sequencing of A.I.-Computational thinking in computer systems – – as suggested by the subtitle of Mr. Clark’s article noting: “Facebook and Google are trying to create A.I. that mimics the human brain. First they need to figure out how our own minds work.”
The article then proceeds to explain a scenario demonstrating a “sleight of hand” involving the disappearance of a pen behind another object that both an infant and a computer can never appreciate or be amazed by. Alternatively though, a toddler will realize, amazingly, that something is amiss with the magical disappearing act of the pen. Now comes the real fun. Facebook’s A.I. research director describes the observed trick as “not normal” to the toddler mind, and assumingly, what has to be done to get computers to “cognize” this abnormality.
Then he mentions the unmentionable – at least in the mind of someone who knows the realistic potential of a young mind. He has the audacity to say; “One reason to love computers is that, unlike many kids, they do as they’re told”. Well, if any of these computer folk really realized how the human brain really, really does work, they’d realize that like a computer, if you use a computationally or cognitively correct language syntax, you too could get young children to do as you tell them. As such, need it be said now that if they understood the relationship between language and the young human mind that is learning language intuitively, then they’d figure out how to get computers to behave in the A.I. fashion they are all so coveting and competing for !!!
I wish these computer scientists well, because I really do want to see computers advance. Unfortunately, these computer scientists have a long way to go, because even though they now confess to needing the consultations of Neuroscience for answers to their quests, there are other reservations to be considered where the Neuroscientists are concerned.
Specifically, what Computer Scientists seek to extract from Neuro-scientists is somewhat of a long-shot for a couple of very important reasons, especially when their efforts are focused on the MEMORY aspects of NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’T.
Memory, in and of itself, is an intelligence FUNCTION as opposed to being an intelligence QUOTIENT. Memory will never serve as the CORE ELEMENT reigning supreme in the sequencing of Computational Thinking in Computers — because it is also neither the core elemental supreme processing feature of Human Computational Thinking. Unfortunately, Psychology and Neuro-science have upheld memory that way for too long, and it’s just too difficult to demote it from its unchallenged crowning glory.
If only the human brain really worked that way – with memory at its core for supreme cognizing – then they’d be able to imitate, or transfer any memory process to make it operational in a computer system that would tackle the debacle of A.I.information processing. But even in a human, being amazed at the disappearing act of a pen has nothing to do with memory, it is a matter of a subsequent level of cognizing that is tied to the more diverse functions of intuition at a later stage of information processing.
Therefore, they are going to have to delve into a particular stage at a point where all cognizing functions and all core elements of the human mind are gathered together in the same place at the same time – this reality is just beyond the realm of the toddler mind-brain. Intuition is the key! Intuitive Intelligence or I.I. is the true (first born) twin of A.I. and “memory” will never suffice or live-up to the attributes of I.I. Unlike memory, which is merely an intelligence function, intuition is the supreme intelligence quotient.
That being said, it is the PRESCHOOL MIND – the stage following the toddler mind – that needs to be consulted, so to speak, and it is experts who’ve actually dealt with the preschool mind on a daily basis, that ought to be hailed as qualified consultants. That is, as opposed to a bunch of Neuroscientists in a lab studying and observing one or two disconnecting properties of young minds, without putting all the pieces of cognizing together, that indeed form, and perform the daily operations of an intuitive-cognitive preschool mind containing all of the core elements of human computational thinking.
But it may take another lifetime for these “scientists” to consider consulting preschool experts, after all, it’s only “normal” for them to look in all the wrong places – or rather, they “don’t care” because they are unable to cognize what’s plainly available and right in front of them. But kudos and good luck to the A.I. community.
Oh, and by the way, if and when they manage to get the I.I. factors figured out, they can automatically and simultaneously bypass the astoundingly arduous process of pre-exorcising the demon from A.I. because with REAL I.I. — the twin/precursory component of A.I.– the disturbingly disadvantageous properties of evil are incoherent, and therefore are unable to be configured into the algorithms of an equation that devises the properties of highly advanced A.I. With memory at the core of A.I.-computer processing, the element of evil will always be a never-ending battle.
Of course, the true conclusion here is that authentic Human-Intelligence needs to be established — and to do that, the Neuroscience world ALSO needs to embrace the Preschool Brain – beyond studies of delayed gratification abilities, and the dissection of disabilities. Memory, as much as it is idolized on a pedestal, will never be the Savior of Artificial Intelligence, or Alzheimer’s, or the art of acing high test scores. The answers to our intelligence prayers lie in the authentic mechanics of intuition – relative and applicable to all forms and dimensions of knowledge ~ including unconscious memories. Even as equal partners working fully together, “Consciousness” and “Memory” will never pack the power of Intuition. Intuition is our final purpose and destiny.

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