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What are your greatest hopes and most desired expectations for you children and their personal lives — for the prospects of their futures?
Human beings share three main things in common regardless of race, beliefs, intentions, actions, culture, gender, etc. All humans crave love, we all have a brain with integrated parts destined for full development, and we all want the best for our children !!! Anyone who argues with that is certainly free to argue with that, but chances are highly likely that this being is only masquerading as human and is probably something else — maybe alien, devil, monster or robot…
Raising children, developing brains (which is what “childhood” actually is), and seeking love are hardly inseparable feats of human development. None of these three things can be done one without the other, they are intertwined in ways that have been determined by a better or higher power – whether you call it God, or Universal knowledge or Evolution or whatever. To separate these things or try to bypass them is as superficial as trying to pretend you are a rock, and if you are trying to treat them as separate issues, then yes, it might be more useful for you to pretend that you are a rock, or at least that you live under a very large one.
So, once again, what are your greatest hopes and desires for you children and for the future of the world that they’ll live in?
Is it for your children to live in peace? To be successful? To have a profound sense of character and loyalty? To have a magnanimous sense of giving? To develop a charismatic personality? To be highly intelligent? To be well-liked as well as experiencing the ease of liking others equally? To just live a comfortable and easy going lifestyle? To be artistic or musical? To be a rigorous common-sense decision-maker? To have meaningful relationships with a diverse group of people? To contribute something to society or some high level of human progress? To be a tech-genius? To be compassionate and optimistic? ??????
Your children can have it all !!! But there is only one thing that can help your children to master and achieve all these skills — simultaneously.
What brand of brain potential are we stuck on? We are stuck on hindsight and hindsight is stuck on us. Our brains are essentially, fundamentally and ultimately designed and destined for foresight, precognitive decision-making and human computational thinking. These are the supreme elements of human intelligence that can only be provided by advanced or fully developed INTUITIONS, and highly advanced INTUITION can only be fully activated and engaged by the brain’s naturally hard-wired elements of COMPASSION and OPTIMISM. Any body or any group of people engaged in any versions of “human development” contrary, or inconsistent with the brain’s authentic development is just going to lag behind.
INTUITION is the universe’s naturally free internet service and we should all be connected to it. And rather than asking the Universe what it can do for us, we ought to be asking ourselves what we can do for the universe. In other words, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The Universe can do its best job for us, when we are fully connected with it, and for that we need the tool of Intuition – a fully developed intuition that can access all the information the universe has to offer in order to help us with all of our unique potentials.
Recently, I had a discussion with a couple of people who insisted that this was merely my perspective, based on my personal experience. SERIOUSLY? I only thought afterwards in “hindsight” that I should have thanked them for the fantastic compliment. Had I thought of it at the moment, I would have said, “wow, thank you for believing that I am operating on a full spectrum of intuitive intelligence, I can now see why you would think that it is just my opinion and personal perspective”.
In the meanwhile, in the midst of this enlightening and fun conversation I was having, the discussion continued. I probed, so how did you learn language, that is, your mother tongue? Without getting into a long diatribe about the back and forth semantics, I will say that the words “listening” and “consciousness” entered the discussion. Once again, in hindsight, I wish I had said, “so you literally remember ‘consciously’ every word you ‘listened’ to when you were 1,2,3 years old”? I’m certain that I would have been given some other Psychological label or babble about my “opinion” and “perspective” when I’d insisted that we’d all learned our Mother Tongue “intuitively”, and that it is precisely this trait that helps us to continue utilizing and applying language, and carrying it over into every stage of our cognitive brain development. In fact it is probably the only thing that we all commonly use intuitively — except that the “codes”, or coding in our language syntaxes have dampened one of the main purposes of intuitive language development. [And for the record, the first 6 months of life that are impossible to “consciously” remember do indeed have an affect on the elements of TRUST, which influences EVERYTHING we do in life.]
Intuitive language development is the fundamental platform and precursory element for the full development of INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence for any system of knowledge, which is why computer scientists all covet cracking the code for making computers more intuitive. Maybe it is hindsight that will eventually help us to realize that while, we are trying to make COMPUTERS more INTUITIVELY intelligent, we ought to have considered seeing beyond our own noses to firstly, make OURSELVES more INTUITIVELY intelligent. But humans need to make computers, and that even includes the newest versions of computers that make other computers and machines. Yet computer science wants to rely on the elements of “memory” and ethical “consciousness” and maybe even the one sensory skill of “listening” to make computers more INTUITIVE. Yes, Computer Scientists desperately insist on using the traits of “memory” to make computers more “intuitive”, and I find this hard to “compute” and it is generally irrational in terms of “computational thinking”. It seems to me that if they want to make computers more intuitive, then they ought to be using the traits of intuition. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion based on my personal experience and perspective – right?!!?
Why has it taken me so long – in “hindsight” – to realize that when people are ill-equipped to discuss something outside of their own “insights”, which are also based on their own hindsights (as well as the typical narratives about human progress and intelligence that they have been told to believe by others) that they then reduce everything that another person expresses to a simple matter of it being the “other” person’s personal perspectives, experiences and opinions. I’ve come to realize how lame and superficial that is – once again, that when others insist that my ideas are merely my personal perspective, opinion and experience, they are never willing to equally attach this definition to the conundrum of any of their own ideas and assumptions — which time and again are so unoriginal, and have already been circulated millions of times for eons of time. So, what I say is just opinion, but what they are saying is factual? Gee, how do I get access into that secret club???? Do they believe they have invented the concept that other people’s ideas are just their experience and opinionated perspectives? By the way, I’ve been shocked at how listening to Psychology aficionados today makes me feel like I entered a time warp — they are saying, almost to a ‘t’, the exact same “stuff” that people were saying back in the 70’s. I would say it’s scary, it’s really more like embarrassing.
Computer Scientists believe that the world will be saved by technology, that is, by devising highly advanced “computational thinking” in computer intelligence and information systems – you know, to make computers more “intuitive”. Computer scientists have become the demi-gods of society, or are at least on the same level playing field as celebrities. When we humans develop our brains for computational thinking and decision-making, which is one in the same as Intuitive Intelligence and precognitive foresight, only then can humanity – and everything we create – be saved from the adversities of “hindsight” and the antitheses of compassion and optimism. We need to intuitively understand the algorithms of intuitive computational thinking performed by our own brains before we can master and perfect intuitive computational thinking in computers.
When our world of (genuine) progress in technology systems and the humanities are ready to understand that, then perhaps they will look for the venues that can help them understand the relationship between human and computer “computational thinking”, especially “intuitive-computational thinking”.
At the end of all this, I’m certain there will be a whole host of people saying that I am just trying to resolve my own personal issues or that I am being defensive or feeling rejected, or some other psycho-babble like that. But let me make an honest confession and tell people what my problem is. My socially “conscious” problem is that, like many other people, I am severely dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the world – that humanity continues to live with borders and wars and without peace and prosperity. My personal problem is that as I look back on my own life, I have made many decisions in “hindsight” rather than “foresight”, and I am severely uncomfortable and dissatisfied with being unable to use my brain’s full potential and a full spectrum of Intuitive Intelligence skills – and I “believe” that there are other people out there who might feel the same way, who know that it’s more than just a matter of “opinion” or “personal perspective” — but that it is everybody’s birthright to use the full capacity of their brains — just as they use the full capacity of their lungs’ breathing power, or their hearts’ blood pumping power, the total capacity of their stomachs to digest food, and of course, the full power of their genitals — ooh, God forbid we were only able to use 20% of those organs and be equally as satisfied with that as we are with using only 20% of our brains…