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THE DOTS DISCONNECTED — Cracking the Cognitive Code of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, continued… “DON’T FORGET vs. PLEASE REMEMBER”

e=mc2as the standard formula for full brain potential is rendered by injecting it into the early intuitive-cognitive processes of early brain development == The “Standard Model” for understanding and knowing how all forces of the universe are united and functioning as one unified set of laws governing all forces.  This standard model is of course naturally and logically necessary to apply to the microcosmic human brain.

We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin . . .

What exactly is COGNITIVOLOGY? – – Cognitivology is a new field of intelligence defining all fields and disciplines of knowledge and information, as well as the Humanities: All in the name of reconciling that the principles of Full Human Brain Potential, from beginning to endlessness, and how our intelligence and behavior traits  are fully consistent with the principle properties of e=mc2 — which has rigorously defined how all forces of the universe are governed by one set of unifying laws.  As the human brain is a microcosm of the universe, then it, and all of the endeavors of human development, are also subject to the same universal governing laws.  PRESS RELEASE on it’s way….

Now, in the meantime, let’s turn to the subject at hand ~

Is the brain a “mystery” or a “microcosm”?  If it is a mystery, then we should be content for it to be a never-ending enigma to us – and as already touted, we have to choose between mystery and microcosm. Mystery implies lack of knowingness, and microcosm implies understanding knowledge and information.

So what is the big mysterious challenge facing Neuroscience when trying to understand the “mysteries” of cognitive processing?  Is this really Rocket Science, and if it is as complicated as Rocket Science, well, we’ve actually figured out Rocket Science, because the logical tendency to figuring out something means following where the trail of information will actually lead, rather than trying to lead the information in accordance with assumptions that merely support what we WANT TO BELIEVE.

By the way, after presenting a long letter to LIFE magazine, and alerting them that the information they’d seek and want to know for uncovering the trail of REAL human brain potential, has been answered in the form of distributing the same “Brain Issue” with “newly revised information”.  It may seem sympathetic to apologize to this publication, as a matter of probity and austerity, BUT, what is the lame excuse?  The information is available!!!  To claim to have only certain information or that “scientists have yet to understand why something is still mysteriously incomprehensive to them” only endorses the reality that these publishers and scholars are failing to do the “research”.  The real problem of course is that they want to be the ones to uncover the information and put their names on it – – the last thing they want is for some obscure persons or other organizations’ name to be on that discovery.  Too bad LIFE magazine – zero apologies – but I do feel sorry for you, because you’re still failing to get it… still missing the bullseye. But hey, if it makes them feel better, they could feel sorry for me for being so bodacious enough for telling them what they really need to know.   Between the lack of flexibility and lack of humility possessed by these authorities, in addition to the countless gatekeepers they have around them, it’s a miracle, or a mystery, that they have learned anything new at all.

Let’s get down to business…

Does it really take 25 years to figure out so much about so little, regarding the few discoveries of cognitive impairments, specifically, Dementia and Alzheimer’s ?!!?   Scholars and wise men would say we must learn from our pasts – but does that only mean we learn from the “mistakes” we make from the past?  How about the things we consider to be great successes.

War is hardly consistent with the authentic rules of genuine brain development, but that may be exactly why we are so successful at warring, because we are using a ridiculously low threshold of authentic brain development.  World War II started and lasted ‘4’ years — only four years !  In just 4 years, look what the British managed to accomplish when first getting involved in the war by helping the allied efforts in France.  In less than four years actually, they rigged all kinds of shenanigans, successfully; spy networks, couriers, informants, wireless operators, weapons deliveries, paratroopers, “clerks” at Bletchley Park using computers to decode the German’s marching orders, entertainment schemes, such as outlandish on-deck vaudeville partying of naval officers to fool enemy ships, as well as the British entertainment Industry efforts to influence American citizens to finally join the war when the government was determined to remain un-involved.  JUST 4 YEARS, and that with the American’s helping only one year.  Oh, and then of course, the Allied Powers won the war.

So what’s up with the timeline and efforts for defeating Alzheimer’s?  Further investigation would probably reveal that the British exhausted every possible tactic in the schemes of war, never a stone left unturned, never an idea or opportunity left ignored or neglected.  It is too obvious, yet again to restate that the most important element in the war against Alzheimer’s is the one that is the most neglected.  That element is the cognitive element.  That is to say, that the word “cognitive” is discussed in conjunction with “impairment”, but “cognitive” is rarely, if ever discussed in terms of its process from beginning to end.  Until “cognition” takes center- stage in the effort to defeat Dementia, and is literally upstaged much more so than pharmaceuticals and neuro-technologies, then it’s battle can only be expected to go on ad infinitum.

Yes, Dementia and Alzheimer’s will manifest as differently with individuals as there are individual personalities, but there are several traits that are very consistent with patients suffering from this “dis-ease”.  Officially, it is accepted that Alzheimer’s generally damages the parts of the brain that control speech and communication.  BUT, IS IT REALLY THE OTHER WAY AROUND ? ~ We’ll discuss this in a moment…

It must be reiterated that the other general parts of Dementia include, a severe loss for understanding time elements, which of course are tied into spatial judgments (double duh, since even the theory of Relativity denotes that space and time are interdependent and inseparable).  The greatest impediment is the inability to trust. Which is the cornerstone of all cognitive processes, defining early emotional cognitive development that creatively becomes mistrust.

As a moment has passed, here’s the 411 ~ Truth and Trust, or T ‘n T is an explosive combination — Cognitively Incorrect speech is the nightmarish mutation hidden deep in the tiny trenches of early speech development.  The young brain is technically incapable of processing negations and all knowledge and information must be dispensed in non-negated formats.  Heavily negated commands, knowledge and information, disguised as “guidance” is, and has been transcendent throughout generations and is completely unprejudiced when it comes to national boundaries — that is why it plagues more generally than any other features of this disease.  Well, until next time.  Be well, and please remember to tune in.

Language must be coded with the algorithms and configurations of all math principles as the basis for information processing and continual knowledge advancement.  Language must reflect open-ended patterns for continually connecting new patterns, sequences and arrangements of information that fit into a system capable of accommodating the principles of infinite knowledge properties — THAT is the difference between “Don’t forget to…” and “Please remember to…”

Technically speaking, what happens is that the brain is recognizing and using the verb as its cue for information processing that will then be used to decide on performing a task or action or intent or otherwise.  It may seem frivolous and superficial to the pragmatic mind, but negated very language codings are severely and profoundly detrimental to the preschool intuitive-cognitive mind.  The basic tenet here is that all knowledge and information must be treated by the same verbal syntax in order for all knowledge and information to make significant connections, which properly reflect the fundamental math principles defining all aspects, entities, skills, abilities and fields of knowledge.  if it were possible to dispense all aspects of knowledge and information with negated verbs, then that could likely be just as preferable a mode of learning and connecting all knowledge factors, but that is most likely impossible AND on the more misfortunate angle of this algorithmic processing is the inadvertent and cynical consistency of relaying the consequences of knowledge, information, actions and decisions as opposed to the advantages and benefits of knowledge, and the optimal configurations of infinite creative thinking.

Every type of cognitive reserve is fundamentally constructed during the early years of brain development and their explosive transference compounds during the later stages of life’s learning cycles, particularly after age 30, when intuitive intelligence processing must lead all cognitive processes.  In other words, while cognitive processing was in the lead for ensuring the development of intuitive intelligence, after age 30, intuitive intelligence takes the lead for all cognitive processing. If the algorithms for intuitive-cognitive processing during the preschool are damaged, essentially if the intuitive and cognitive properties that are one and the same during that stage are treated differently, then the eventual counter-intuitive implication and strained pattern of cognitive processing later on will resemble that disconnected set of patterns — which is why Alzheimer’s and Dementia can develop anytime after age 30-ish.