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To be podcasted, and/or reprinted for Publication in due time !

This Broadcast is a call-out to the fields of Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience; 2 fields that should be fully united and equal in the pursuit of advancing Brain Sciences.

YOU HEREBY, stand in contempt of Fraud for operating under the guise and allure of being legitimate Scientific Disciplines, and for failing to comply with the explicit intention of working together for the betterment of human progress.

The STANDARD CRITERIA, namely Einstein’s e=mc2, as the basis for scientific modeling and discovery, has gone entirely unheeded for definition in this crucial field of Neuroscientific knowledge.

Relative to an article published in the NEW YORK Time,s a few years ago, describing HOW “Neuroscientists are still trying to get the back of the brain to shake hands with the front of the brain.” – – For this, there has been little traction, if any at all.  Nothing in the way of advancement has been accomplished or achieved on this matter — that is, until NOW:

For CLARIFICATION PURPOSES, it must be known that the one set of universal laws governing all forces, elements and entities throughout the universe, are also, equally relevant and applicable to the MICROCOSMIC HUMAN BRAIN..  There is nothing exempting us humans from this same DISTINCTION – and we need our brains to understand and abide by these parameters.

So it should go without even saying so – that there is that one same set of laws defining Emotioning + Reasoning as one identical process, the same goes for Intelligence + Behavior, for Truth + Trust, and the list goes on….

All human attributes have now been fully re-defined for COHESIVENESS in accordance with the principles, properties and postulates of e=mc2 by none other than COGNITIVOLOGY.

As a field striving for authentic professionalism, Neuroscience has, albeit inadvertently, led the Public astray by circumventing and therefore MISSING the bulls-eye mark of genuine Cognitive Development; that particular stage which, fully reveals the actual platform and hence, the natural clause for higher, and indeed FULL HUMAN BRAIN POTENTIAL, consequently stunting real human progress !

The promise of a better future for today’s children hangs in a precarious balance between Technological Artificial Intelligence and Human Intuitive Intelligence.  Only real Brain Sciences can make good on the promise to deliver realistic hope and distinctly directed advancement to the children of today and to future generations.

Neuroscience ought to be in the position of leading every field of knowledge, because we all need our brains for EVERYTHING we do, BUT first and foremost, Neuroscience must advance itself by taking on the rigor of e=mc2.