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. . . ABOUT ZERO. . .

[Excerpted by Author from various parts of book “THE DOTS CONNECTED – What Does Childhood Really Have to do with Adulthood, PLUS Intuition’s Role in Fulfilling Total Brain Development and the Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind” / How the Principles of e=mc2 are fully relevant to full human brain potential. (copyright 2013, 2018)       by C.Woolf & B. Conway

PART  I      “…ABOUT ZERO…” 

ZERO, yes that thing that the Mathematical Genius Pythagoras struggled with and rallied so forcefully against – – that thing your average 7 year old already automatically and intuitively understands – – are we missing something here?  Have we forgotten to properly define the meaning of “genius”?  Lo and behold, what that thing really does have something to do is Intuitive Intelligence — but we’ll let that part go for now.

Rumor has it that many Scientists and College Professors dislike and even disbelieve in the concept of Zero – just like Mr. Genius Pythagoras.  In the book, Origins by Dan Brown, he tells the story of one particular (Science) professor, having posted a note on his class or office door telling students that if they really wish to discuss “point zero”, they should immediately head to the Philosophy Dept.  Apparently he is (either under orders from University protocol, or) doing his best to avoid any conversations about point zero or anything that has occurred before point zero.  This seems to be relative to the “facts” that he disbelieves in a Creator and wants to deflect any discussions about an Intelligent Designer or Students trying to bring up the topic of a Deity.

Like other Folks and Physicists, this Professor is sticking to the story that all Matter and Energy, which sprung into being at the moment after the “Big Bang”, when Time and Space also started,— this is the substantially, visible, available evidence that we have to work with and that is all that matters.

But it’s unnecessary to believe in a Deity in order to understand the validity of POINT ZERO, and of all people in the world, Physicists should understand this best !! – Without Excuse !!

Imagine, there was nothing existing regarding Zero: What would The Financial Market do without 0’s ?  Then of course, there’s technology and especially computers — do the math you Physicists — that is what YOU do, right? What on earth would computers do without zeros and ones? – and hey, the future of all computing and coding is eventually going to be built on the strategies of quantum information processing — you might want to tell zeros to get lost, but Particles need their partnerships ~ one would get pretty lonely and limited without its zero companion.

What’s most revealing here is that non-sensible tendency to try leading information in the direction that you want it to go, for whatever reason, rather than follow the natural trail of information and seeing where it really leads.

This is where Physicists ought to give themselves their own Math test. It’s true, Math is Everything, and Math took off when Zero was discovered.  Actually, we should really say that “Arithmetic” and all of its related categories and sub-divisions (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, etc. took off when Zero was discovered) — Arithmetic, is a field of knowledge based on the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics (or the “Language of the Universe”, as Physicists like to affectionately call it – and all classifications of knowledge get their definitions and descriptions from the Fundamental Math Principles, nothing is exempt, and the most fundamental Principle is a Pattern and the most fundamental pattern of a pattern is POINT ZERO…. are Physicists still the smartest people in the world and are they smarter than a 7 year old …. ?

But where is the real contest dispensed and delivered ?  Well, well, that is decided by the Language of the Universe: one and the same as the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics.  And for posterity’s sake, it should be noted that since Math gives everything its definition (even when Arithmetic falls short of doing the numbers), it is therefore unnecessary to produce “scientific evidence” for something if the Math works.  Math is superior to Science because Math gives everything its definition, even Science.  People think that e=mc2 was true because it was scientifically proven, the fact is that it was scientifically proven, because relativity was true and Einstein computed this in his head with Math, before he started doing the Arithmetic.

Conclusively, let’s just put the Math and the Science together. Physicist, better than anyone (we hope) understand that all knowledge is derived from Energy and Matter.  All energy and matter is derived from the Universe’s elemental building blocks which are distinctively constructed with molecules, atoms, and its smallest parts – particles.

Since Physicists have to be involved, or at least interested in energy and matter and knowledge, the smallest part of which is a “particle”, it would seem that they ought to be interested in particles – that’s where the breadcrumb trail would seem to be leading — make sense so far?

Well then, if they’ve been properly and appropriately interested in Particles [even if they are a strict Physicist, as opposed to being a Particle Physicist or a Theoretical Physicist], how can a Physicist of all people deny the obvious fact that Particles have been observed and known to jump orbits in 0.0 seconds, and by some measurements, it even seems as though the particle jump is happening in even less than 0.0 seconds.  The question is how do Physicists justify wanting to ignore Point Zero AND still look like some of the smartest people on earth, and dismiss doing the real proof, which is THE MATH ? !! ?

PART II     ZERO belongs to EVERYTHING, whether the “experts”  like it, or dislike it.  By C. Woolf

Now, it gets a little harder…    (some of this information is recap from previous blog entries)

Some people believe that the ultimate debate is between Darwinian Evolutionary Biology VS Intelligent Design Creationism — this probably is the consummate debate among both scholars and laypeople alike, so it’s highly likely that this could steal the prize for heated discussions from a party room to a board room, and from the classroom to the symposium tables of leading world think tanks.

So again, while these factions debate with each other, each trying to scientifically outsmart the other, let us use the ultimate criteria for everything, once again, we are to do the Math !!! 

Both Darwinism and Creationism have much to answer for when it comes down to explaining full human brain potential, and the relevance of Point Zero, as well as the principles, properties and postulates of e=mc2, with regards to the development of the Microcosmic human brain.  This tale of two towering theories, of which most people either deliberately or inadvertently stand on either side of, means that apparently non-ignorant folks can hardly ignore the role of point zero in general human progress, which we must credit “math” with.

Either we must admit that Pythagoras was ignorant, or an idiot, or we ought to recognize Point Zero in the endeavors and echelons of general knowledge, advanced reasoning skills, and the requisite diverse elements defining the newest scientific fields of Computational Thinking and Quantum Information Processing (both Mathematical skills – – lol).  These new fields serve as the parameters for the future of Human Progress and ever greater technological development as technology partners with every part of our work, living, livelihood and recreational routines.

Until either of these opposing twins of faith can rigorously include the human brain’s involvement in EVERYTHING we do and understand, then neither faction holds the right to demand and direct the course of distributing and designing Knowledge & Educational standards for anybody in any culture.

The race to disseminating “purpose” vs. “purposelessness” has to be recalibrated, redefined and set in accordance with a definition of full human brain potential, particularly because we need our brains, we hope, to engage in a debate.

THEREFORE, both sides must rise to the occasion  – – Darwinism must fully explain the full potential of the human brain so that they may fully justify the purposelessness of our human brains AND the Creationists must also be able to fully explain the design of the human brain that will explain and justify its full purpose.

The human brain is the proving ground for this debate, since we need our brain to conduct this seemingly uncompromising debate, once and for all.  The future of the newest fields of Computational Thinking and Quantum Information Processing are depending on the outcome….

——————————-so long, until next time ——————————-