Human Cognition IS EMOTIONAL COGNITION:     Reprint, updated, copyright COGNITIVOLOGY (R), a registered Trademark of Cognitively Correct ~ overhauling and filling in the gaps of Neuroscience to define it as a genuine field of Science via the rigorous requisites, properties and parameters of the Standard Model for Scientific discovery as best described by the principles of e=mc2. Copyright Cognitivology books & Literature, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2018

EVERYTHING IS MATH / COGNITION is a Mathematical function, Nothing is exempt from the definitions of the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics / the Human Brain is an emotionally developed instrument / Emotional Cognition is the very first cognitive process, and the basis of all subsequent cognitive quotients of intelligence / Cognition & Math can never be based on “non-math” ;  therefore, Emotional Cognition must also be mathematical — otherwise the final process of “cognitive development” i.e., REASONING, would have zero basis in mathematical logistics.

Human Cognition IS “Emotional Cognition”, and it is properly defined as the emotional and instinctual ability to acquire a full literacy and knowledge of TRUST based on the TRUTHFUL principles of knowledge that are derived from the ORIGINAL resource of ALL Knowledge, i.e., the Natural Universe, which coherently represents and reflects the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics, defining EVERYTHING and substantially interconnecting the basis for all forces and elements as best defined by the properties of e=mc2, therein providing a PROSPECTUS for the fullest intuitive-cognitive potential of the microcosmic human brain, in conjunction with the full development of multi-dimensional sensory tools, via the exploration of the Natural multi-dimensional Universe, and altogether coded and ensured by the intuitive acquisition of Cognitively Correct/Mathematically correct language skills, when all skills are intuitively learned and formulating the baseline configurations for a lifetime of “plasticity” and unlimited patterns of integrative learning/memory-Intelligence/behavior, in accordance with the human brain’s 100% hard-wired Compassion-Optimism structure.

Hence, the definition for “Emotional Intelligence” is:  The ability to treat any & all expressions of verbal communication with any types of accompanying emotions – as information processors – to be converted into knowledge and communication via a full spectrum of emotional literacy, thereby, giving all emotions the same equal value index and credit that should be applied to all emotions.

For more information or the schedule a talk, counsel, consultation or LECTURE please contact Bryce Conway at;

Lecture topics for High Schools and College/Universities ~ “Fully defining ‘Cognition’ – redefining Neuroscience”  /  “I.I.” vs. “A.I.” – human Intuitive Intelligence as the precursor for Artificial Intelligence, Computational thinking in both humans and computers, The relationship between Critical Thinking Skills and the STEM/STREAM fields of knowledge.

EARLY EDUCATION TEACHER TRAINING;  Mastering Early Educator skills to efficiently activate the “Pre-K” brain: The literal PROSPECTUS for Full Human Brain Potential.


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