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Cognitive Times, Cracking the Alzheimer’s cognitive code and understanding how the principles of e=mc2 are relative to all cognitive processes

VOLUME I, Part 3 – – The same things that go awry with cognitive impairments are exactly the same things that were improperly formed in the early years of ‘cognitive development’.

It’s been said that “laughter is the best medicine”.  Nobody really disputes this abstract anecdote, yet it’s probably never be scientifically proven.  However, real scientific proof is done by trial and error and most importantly, can be done by anyone with the right equipment.  But the most important piece of equipment any of us can ever use IS OUR BRAINS, and that is precisely WHY Intuitive reasoning, Computational Creativity, and Quantitative Thinking are far more superior than basic proof requiring only the crude matter of our 3-D world.

Let’s divert for a few moments — HERE’S WHY: 

Your brain is like a little electrical unit. It is a small resource of electromagnetic energy and activity that packs the power to light up your life.  You may be unaware of this, but “electromagnetism” is actually invisible light, never to be confused with darkness.  Whenever you feel something, it’s completely linked with thought and brain activity, and whenever you think something, it is also entirely linked with your emotions, and together, your MIND, i.e., the combination of your thoughts & feelings, fire-up your brain’s activity system in a dance of wiring & firing choreography.  This dancing routine is an invisible abstract process completely affecting the brain’s design to pave the way for information to flow without being impeded, but more significantly, without even this abstract process, we would be unable to perform the concrete process of trying to perform a scientific experiment that would provide us with “proof” about something or anything.

The brain is naturally designed to accommodate and interconnecting flow of knowledge that can constantly be imbedded with new forms of information.  The brain was never meant, or designed to operate on flaws of information that would clog and damage flowing information activity.  The impulses of electromagnetic activity, operating by neurotransmitter pulses, like a fiber optic telephone system transmitting information across the wires at light speed, means that your thoughts & feelings are also traveling, at least closely enough, to the speed of light and quite possibly, at the actual speed of light.

This wiring & firing light speed choreography is dependent upon the physicality of the whole brain.  We may believe that that feelings and thoughts are two separately independent systems that quaintly cross path like two ships in the night, or that truly mature reasoning skills are conducted with the absence of emotions, but this notion, prominent in so many cultures, especially western thought for the past 2,000 years, describes the biggest stumbling block we’ve had for understanding the human quest to have our “hearts and minds united”.  Electromagnetism is ground zero for the fusion of several forces; “heart” and “mind” / “feelings” and “thoughts” are as inter-braided as electro–magnetism, or energy–matter, or space–time, or light–speed.  These dualing forces can never be pulled apart or be capable of operating independently of its counterpart – – – so why, even though we all profess the “unity of heart and mind”, do we insist that there are different and separate definitions for ‘heart’ and ‘mind’, or for ‘thoughts’ and ‘feelings’.

Building a wiring and firing system is a task that ought to be constructed full, formidably and securely during the foundational stages of brain building, in order to stand firm and work at full capacity.  The initial fundamental construction of these paths and pathways – to connect all the forces of brainy activities are dependent upon the emotioning factors that get plugged into our brains during infancy, meaning that it is the first layer of a constructing a foundation, and every type of construction has its first layer or foundation built before anything else. The human brain is an emotionally developed organ, so it is only fitting and logical that the emotions are properly constructed first.

Understanding this can be a scary realization, because it requires some of our own individual reconciliation, meaning that we must face some of the beliefs that we’ve held so dear. In other words, some of our own life’s constructions are built on flimsy or false foundations, and long-time traditionally-held beliefs that are inconsistent or contrary to the natural development of the brain — elements of which were around long before we cultivated any sort of belief systems. All brains are a standard piece of equipment, and nobody is born with a stamp or icon on their brain designating their culture or parents’ and ancestors’ belief systems.  The other related reconciliation taking place here is that the initial wiring & firing construction is constructed by an outside contractor, i.e., our parents (and/or ancestors + other influential elements), and this initial construction is done without our own willful efforts, without our consent, and without our ability to make choices and decisions while we are in the tender stages of infancy — when this initial emotional construction is laid.

The (deliberate or inadvertent) flaws built into the early emotional foundation – or the early construction of a wiring & firing Neuro-net system, is much the same as any electrical system that might have been poorly constructed, protected and connected.  This can cause both unrequited and irreversible damage – to any kind of electrical/electromagnetic system – and this is WHY the Universe itself rigorously guards its one and only way to produce electromagnetism.  An ideally wiring-firing system of human brainy fiber-optics, is the best protection against a faulty electromagnetic system that would grate with the actual mechanics of free & open information pathways. In human brain terms – this is the process of cognition itself, cognition is the power produced by our little electromagnetic brainy units, and cognition itself reciprocates, or returns the favor of, keeping the electro-magnetic system powered up. When this relationship runs into blocks, challenges, poor wiring & firing, short-cuts, or any other attempts to short-circuit its power, then the exchanging process and relationship between cognition and brain becomes subject to the danger of cognitive impairments, which in turn will impair the biological material of the brain itself.

So, now to get back from our diversion. Now that we understand the electromagnetic power of the human brain and its symbiotic, and concrete, relationship with cognition, we can now have a basic understanding about what the power of thought really is.  First an idea, or hypothesis or computed thought must be devised, or intuited, before any idea can be tested for its proof and applications. Then of course, throughout the process — from igniting an idea to creating undeniable evidence — there is a reasoning element that we either apply, or in some cases, that just naturally unfolds, telling us a story that might be different from what we originally intended to know.  Typically, we may define this as a good mistake and welcome it as serendipitous — however, “mistakes” should really be redefined as hidden knowledge and information that we were previously unable to notice, because that’s exactly what it is.  We only define it as a “mistake” because we missed including, observing or reasoning it into the precognitive planning, hypothesis or reasoning stage of our choices, decisions, and experiments. When we stick to authentically natural elements that are part of reasoning a process – whether it is a scientific procedure or a thought-feeling procedure – then genuine information will unfold and present itself.  In other words, if we insist on throwing in superficial elements in either of these procedures, we must be WILLING to throw them out at the end of the procedure when it’s clear that it fails to combine or connect to the whole outcome.  If you should ever feel inclined to investigate Einstein’s story, and his struggle with establishing e=mc2, you will find these precise steps to be evident.

Life and learning, like time&space, are inseparable entities.  Learning should be fun, so life should be fun.  “Work” and “Recreation” should be identical features of human activity and progress, just as there is zero difference between “life” and “learning”.  People should never have to suffer from the stresses of work, particularly because the contradictory relationship, stemming from our separate definitions for “work” and “recreation”, is only consistent with a poorly-powered electro-magnetic brainy system, processing knowledge and information, in ways that clearly represent damage to the human brain’s real capacity to function at a much higher and more empowered system.

But our brainy electro-magnetic neuro-nets that connect information — and is capable of connectivity processes that we still only imagine, but are actually capable of performing, naturally — are only one part of the whole system of humans interconnecting together and forming the electromagnetic system of telepathic/wireless communication.  That is to say that the intuitive intelligence wireless system that we are all capable of plugging into is significant for humans’ most effective and necessary tool for both surviving and thriving.  This means that we ought to be able to have access to contacting any other human who may be able to share significant information with any other person, if it will help and benefit us and one another, because that is what humans do best, and want to do best.   Every person’s contribution to knowledge and learning is significant in the progress of our whole species.

Technological wireless communication only exists because Natural wireless communication already exists — that is to say that we can only imitate, produce, or reproduce what the universe has already provided, especially with regards to all things invisible.

As foretold, promised and briefly mentioned, in this section, it is to be properly detailed, the cognitive traits that go awry in the elder years, most prominently, under the conditions of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The features that rigorously describe the impairments of Alzheimer’s and Dementia are:

Lack of TRUST, loss of TIME CONCEPTS, and askewed understanding about the BASIC properties, laws and mechanics of PHYSICS (and basic spatial reasoning), the misuse of LANGUAGE and coherent communication skills – altogether – resulting in and manifesting as memory loss. Most frightening of all, is that emotional ties are often also damaged, a direct effect of early foundational development that relied on the proper construction, and first layer of emotional-reasoning intelligence.

These EXACT traits are essential to fundamental learning and general knowledge and information processing.  Just as in performing a process of proving something , or doing a scientific experiment, these (aforementioned) features must be concisely established.  In other words, since they are the basis for all learning, and are all necessary as reasonably connected aspects of good electromagnetic units, then the memory-ability of them — memory relying on the mechanics of connectivity (which is the basic feature of intuition) is severely compromised. In other words, the ties that bind them – the memories – and the wireless system of information processing (intuition) all breaks down because the connectivity system was compromised in the first place.

Just as the universe has one way to produce electromagnetism, which must function and travel at the speed of light, whether it is visible or invisible, then there also must be ONE same basis of reason-ability to TRUST, to judge TIME&SPACE (laws of Physics), and LANGUAGE usage for knowledge purposes — if all these are to remain tied together, thereby supporting memory, which is merely a by-product of authentic Intuitive intelligence processing.

These features are firmly founded and built into the early FOUNDATION FOR LIFE, and only during that early foundation for life — wherein, they are coherently and intuitively tied together.  Anything done to fix that broken foundation after building it is always going to be a remedial and superficial measure.  The more loose and flimsy and unreasonable these connections are in the early stages of cognitive development, the more the pathology for Dementia will be possible.  And keep in mind (from VOL I, Part 1) that this pathology is more of an abstract pathology, then a purely biological one — rather, actually, it is an electromagnetic pathology.  When these elements are administered in early life, without a matching or parallel consistency for the brain’s early requirements, for genuine lifetime learning, then it all eventually falls apart unless, the actual mechanics of intuitive intelligence are minimally maintained throughout the course of lifetime learning; thinking, feeling, reasoning, creating, building significant emotional bonds that are capable of exchanging wireless contact without prosthetics (such as cell phones and internet), ALL OF THESE, fundamentally define cognitive processing.  The proximal or complete absence or abandonment of any of these skills can be particularly significant to any one person, depending on what his or her most prominent abilities actually are.  If these unique abilities have never been nurtured or addressed, while the natural environment actually provides the means and information for nurturing those skills, then this would define the invisible pathology that would generated brain degeneration.

If there’s a cure for Alzheimer’s, then it lies entirely in its prevention.  If it should happen that a Pharmaceutical company devises a remedy for reversing or even eliminating the clogging plaques and tangles in the brain’s neuro-net information pathways, thereby restoring some or even all of the freedom of knowledge and memory processing, this would be grandly welcomed, particularly if there are few to zero side effects.  But anticipating the possibilities of Dementia and memory loss without worry, just because there is a magical pill on the market, does little to change the rampant spread of disadvantages associated with cognitive impairments.  Certainly, it does nothing to annihilate such a debilitating disease — and that’s without even mentioning the economic and societal costs on a National scale.

But the most difficult challenge of all has to do with the emotional strains and quality of life that are so severely imposed on immediate family members — who are usually younger and have had nothing to do with influencing the early emotional-building of the person suffering from the Dementia, but who now must carry the burden of caring for a cognitive disease.  This has yet to still reveal the sacrifices that are now being made on today’s children who will receive less quality care for their own cognitive development – as families care for elders even more than they may be caring for their own children – thus, continuously perpetuating an evermore devastating cycle generating the degenerative disease of cognitive processing.

Everything starts at point zero, what goes into, or fails to go into early cognitive development, comes out in the final years of cognitive processing — because the ingredients for comprehensive cognitive processing are built into the Early Foundation for Everything.  Cognition is a mathematical function, Everything is Math, and the Math never lies.

The only sure cure for understanding that Alzheimer’s & Dementia is ultimately eradicated, is to understand that ultimately, this disease, at its core, is a cognitive issue, and that it is overall, and most dominatingly, a cognitive problem.

Einstein declared that “Intuition is Everything” and what that really means is that Intuition is the most rigorous math of all.  If we choose just one trait of our potential to be our guiding light for life learning – it should be the fiber-optic version of invisible light; electro-magnetic information, which is the same as the impervious mechanics of intuition.  This would be the best judgment we could make and gain, because intuition is applicable to every behavior skill and every knowledge ability, especially language — which we use for everything and which is intuitively learned in the early foundational stage of life.

CONCLUSION for Part 3, VOL I  ~

The “Cognitive Reserve” describe by Dr. Bennett (as told of in Part 1, VOL I), ought to be properly defined as “Intuitive Intelligence”, or at least intuitive-cognitive-intelligence-reserve — or the mechanisms that fortify and maintain the best information connections possible, making lifetime learning a process that is authentically built upon.  This would be best defined, classified and described as feeling or intuiting the capability of TRUST, as children do, therein, keeping our ability to learn as children learn throughout our lifetimes.  What that really means is that the way we learned during the foundational years is the system we will spend the rest of our lives learning by — the upgrade for learning better and more multi-dimensionally means that the program for higher learning must be coded into the early stages of life, because it is that coded foundation that determines how we will learn for a lifetime.  The only possibility for transposing and refining that foundational platform is to deliberately and firmly apply the mechanics of intuitive intelligence processing. In this way, TRUST becomes a process that is individually owned by one’s own CRITICAL THINKING skills; the ability to question, the ability to judge, and knowing the sequential connections between instant gratification and delayed gratification (relative to TIME-SPACE knowledge elements).  “Cognitive Reserve” goes back, way back to the building of cognition during the foundation for everything.  The features of Dementia are best told by the one simple description of an ‘inability to do the math’ and intuitively connect the basic processes of information needed for any notion, intent or event.

Every matter of the human condition from Adversity and Alzheimer’s to Innovation and Inquiry, all require and thrive on the need for improvement.  To do that, we need to massively improve on our brain’s greatest and highest potentials, because we all use our brains for everything.  Using our brain with the same 2.0 version of limited knowledge attributes will never do the trick of transforming us.  We need to upgrade to a 10.0 version.  To do that we need to understand the fundamentals — and this natural assumption should never have to be reiterated so much, but when it comes to cognitive processing, it seems to be so underestimated for its importance.  In any process, it is the only option, it’s either that, or reverse engineering, which still leads to the fundamentals of a process, either way, there will never be any escaping the math of everything, which means that everything begins at point zero.   Until next time, and next chapter —


THE COGNITIVE TIMES – Cracking the Cognitive Code of Alzheimer’s, Volume I, Part 2

How do we know if we are getting something right or wrong – in particular, how do we know if we are getting something all wrong, especially in the fight against Dementia and human brain development in general ???

Well, because if we were getting it mostly right, then we’d be mostly defeating it. When a doctor in London discovered that Cholera was spread through bad drinking water, rather than being airborne, then it was defeated. When another doctor realized that infant mortality rates were due to medical students going from autopsy to the maternity ward without washing their hands, he was severely ostracized by his medical peers.  Eventually, he was proven right and infant mortality rates dropped dramatically, as the simple concept of hygiene was introduced into standard medical practices.

The day should come – sooner than later – when we apply the same deductive reasoning skills to everything, in much the same ways that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did (vicariously through Sherlock Holmes) and understand that cognitive degeneration (aka, “Dementia”) will be logically observed as a process, pointing to, and at least providing partial proof that the FUNDAMENTALS of cognitive development were improperly or inefficiently installed.  In addition to applying the logic of Sherlock’s deductive reasoning skills, which means collecting ALL of the variables and facts, we ought to also employ the principles of e=mc2 to solve the mystery about Alzheimer’s, in the same way that the “theory of relativity” solved the major mysteries of the foremost forces of the universe. And more importantly, contrary to popular belief systems, we humans have never been exempt from the laws and forces of the universe.

This chapter entry examines how, how much, and exactly what we are getting right and wrong in the pursuit to fight the varying forms of Dementia. The official community believes we are right on the heels of gaining insight into the mystery of Alzheimer’s and Dementia – or rather they may actually believe they, and we along with them – are on the right heels of uncovering this mystery. There are countless organizations and research teams around the world doing their part, effectually, competing to decode this little beast that is causing monstrous conditions, robbing the quality of people’s lives and their relationships.

Pharmaceuticals of one type or another seem to be taking the lead for fighting , or at least halting  Dementia.  The more ambitious teams are certainly looking for a way to prevent it, or reversing the major memory loss ailments that define the conditions of Dementia.  None of the Pharmaceuticals thus far are showing any promise,  There was one that worked successfully on mice, while it failed in humans. (There’s a reason for that which will be discussed later),  For all we know there might be some neuro-technology works in progress, but any real official word on that front is basically silent or generally unknown, for now.

Typically, credible resources about any topic, and especially one as sensitive as Dementia, will be full of formal studies and references about one piece of research or another, until the resource itself becomes a mutual admirations text of scholars, and scientists “in the field” of their expertise — leaving common folk befuddled as to whose research is most valid, and what measures would be most advantageous to pursue. But there are a few efforts worth pointing out for officiality’s sake.  However, we will omit names and credentials, because anyone can look those up with the right search engine words, and this resource is to help people get to the heart of the matter.

So let’s make some unofficial and informal references to the leading contenders in this fight against Alzheimer’s.  Firstly, there’s the award-winning team of Neuroscientists who’ve uncovered the bio-chemical compositions of “tau” going off the reservation of its proper position and purpose, and subsequently forming “plaques” and “tangles” in the brain, thereby, clogging neuro-net activity (within the synapses) and thus imposing on memory, and generally debilitating “normal” cognitive processing skills.

Then there’s the genetic researchers. This area has revealed a particular gene know as APoE, (which deductive reasoning would tell us, must be operating as a mutation. Mutations can be good or bad, in the case and cause for supporting good cognitive processing, APoE is a bad mutation). This gene is generally evident or directly connected to the development of Dementia, but is also linked to wider sets of conditions and circumstances linked to Dementia, including the effects and parameters of diet, exercise, cholesterol, insulin/energy effects on brain, stress, and exercise.

But this APoE gene is hardly a sure thing in the development of Dementia. [This will also be discussed further]  There is apparently another particular gene that is more directly and rigorously distinctive, but relative to those that develop “early onset of Dementia”.  This specific set of cases is far less escapable( than the elusive APoE gene), and is suspected to be carried and genetically passed on within familial lines — but then again, so are the traditions of “Emotional Cognition”, which can affect epigenetic switches that turn genes on or off.  [This will also be discussed further on in another entry]

Moving on – –  there was a ten-year study done in Finland that showed that those with more cynical and narcissistic mindsets and impulses, tended to experience a compounding effect of the symptoms of Dementia as time went on.  This is more revealing than most would realize, because these features are consistent with close-mindedness, and the brain is naturally designed for open-mindedness, making lifetime learning a realistic process (especially considering the brain’s hard-wired postulates of “compassion” and “optimism” as the most vital factors for full human cognitive-brain potential). [These definitions will also be further detailed as we progress in this mini-series]

Alas, the more unrecognized but definitely leading contender with the official arena in the fight against Alzheimer’s is a Neuroscientist and his team at Rush University, investigating the features of what they’ve termed as “cognitive reserve”.  If you’re banking on  understanding the pathology of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, this is the team to place your bets with.  This team would e the only one on a truthful and honest trajectory for uncovering the pathology toward Dementia.  Essentially, what they have observed is the fickle nature of the APoE gene. What they have discovered is that some individuals possess the ApoE gene, and may also show a pathology of plaques and tangle, but have escaped suffering memory loss or cognitive impairment.  on the other hand, there are individual who may have neither the APoE gene, nor excessive plaques and tangle, yet have still developed and exhibited the degenerative traits of Dementia, and hence, memory loss as well as various other cognitive impairments.

The interesting factor in the studies conducted by the researchers at RUSH is that they’ve cast a net over other significant factors contributing to “cognitive reserve”.  They have looked into, and compared, educational backgrounds and social structures/interactions/tendencies of several of these individuals.  While similar educational backgrounds can essentially be ruled out — it is the social connections that shine more of a light on their “cognitive reserve”.  This is an indisputable feature, particularly, because the human brain is an emotional-cognitive developed organ processing knowledge and information and fully dependent upon relationships, which in turn depend on communication and language (both requisite parts of cognitive development) – – and altogether, are intrinsically, inextricably and directly tied to the human brain’s ultimate capabilities.  That is to say that all human cognitive processing, as already mentioned, are built on the brain’s hard-wired elements of Compassion and Optimism, and EVERYTHING we do, think, feel, learn and create are designed to operate on the reasoning logic of these two naturally hard-wired skills.

This seemingly abstract and perhaps elusive concept of “cognitive reserve” can hardly be examined under a microscope, so naturally it is going to be subject to lots of scrutiny in the science community. But while we’re on the topic, deductive reasoning is more rigorous and reliable than pure scientific proof or evidence, after all, things are only scientifically proven because they are true.  And, let’s of course keep in mind that Einstein himself knew this to be true otherwise he would have waited around for scientific evidence to confirm what he surmised about light and gravity. In line with true innovative thinking, the idea came first and the proof only proved the deductive reasoning process.  Remember, whatever Neuroscientists say, Dementia in all of its varieties is fundamentally a cognitive-degenerative issue, and therefore its constitution and constructs must be based on the general mechanisms of genuine cognitive processing.

The RUSH University researcher believe that this “cognitive reserve” is most likely rooted in some earlier stages of life’s cognitive processing abilities.  Their intention is to investigate “how far back” they need to look to identify where and when this “cognitive reserve” is established and secured.  Keep in mind that cognition is a mathematical function and therefore deductive reasoning is fully applicable to demystifying the degenerative-cognitive processes of Dementia. Cognition is indeed a math process, but so is EVERYTHING,, So, if they were doing the math in order to find out “how far back” they need to go, then the logical math reasoning process would say, let’s go all the way back to the beginning, more specifically at point zero.

Why they have missed this calculation is somewhat incomprehensible, but this is where this series steps in….

We’ve all heard it exclaimed that the elderly demonstrate a sort of second childhood stage of life.  It is undoubtedly a quaint and empathetic way of describing the naïve innocence capturing the senior years of life.  There is definitely an attitude of carefree-ness and even a partially liberated removal from a lifetime of expectations and protocols that were imposed upon them for a whole lifetime — very  much reflecting  the way children behave in their everyday exploration of life.

However, for the most part, this second childhood is more un-childlike than it is childlike.  The reason for this assumption? Simple!  Childhood is predominantly hallmarked by the remarkable way in which children learn and absorb new knowledge and information with positively alarming rates. Our foremost predilection as humans is to learn.  Aside from the fact that (in many western societies) we give the elderly far more license and sympathy to act like children than we allow children to act like children, the elderly fail to show any signs of learning at the rate that young children learn.

Moreover, the majority of the ways we learn for a whole lifetime, i.e., are capable of applying the traits of brain plasticity, these flexible cognitive processes are established during the early foundational stages of cognitive development — indeed they are established during AND ONLY DURING the 3 – 5 year old stage of intuitive-cognitive brain development.

Unbeknownst to these well-intended researchers is that the “cognitive reserve” that they have rightfully uncovered or stumbled upon, is really the impervious attributes and aptitudes of intuitive intelligence capabilities defining the true hallmark of human “integration”. When “emotional cognition” and “intellectual cognition” and “willful/volitional cognition” are on the same page and operating by the same cognitive principles, then the intuitive development of deductive reasoning becomes the most powerful tool for lifetime learning (and giving rise to the more advanced paradigm shift concept of “Quantitative Reasoning” and “Computational Thinking”, relative to both humans and computers).

Again, as previously mentioned (in Part 1of Vol I) , the precise cognitive impairment skills that go awry in the senior years are the exact fundamental cognitive development skills that are imprecisely developed during that famous “foundation for EVERYTHING” stage of life — and this skills set, which we should all possess, regardless of our particularly individual talents and abilities, literally ties together the early stages of cognitive development with the latter life stages of cognitive applications.  There can never be any de-centralizing these features or disconnecting them as though one has nothing to do with the other – – the early stages ARE the foundations for everything in life.  And that is why there are certain elements and milestones that are requisite and relative to ALL young children during the early stages of cognitive development.

The ultimate outcome of the intuitive-cognitive process — that certain “cognitive reserve” as the central exploratory focus of the RUSH team –can only be fully uncovered by having a genuine comprehensive look into the “preschool brain”.  unless children learn in pure cognitively correct contexts, then intuitive-cognitive capacities are going to break down somewhere, somehow, sometime.  But even if a minimum flow of the basic elements for critical reasoning, across the dimensions of every fundamental cognitive function are established, then this could easily guard against the debilitating traits of Dementia (causing a lack of deductive reasoning even with our most celebrated skills — but more significantly, deductive reasoning skills that would have been infused into our emotional cognition during the first three years of development).

But this is more than most folks can bare to delve into and understand, even for some of the most advanced cognitive neuro-science researchers in the world.  So let’s talk about something that most people do understand – WAR, more specifically, let’s look at World War II. And by the way, of all the things to study in school so intensely – war? – seriously? War is totally inconsistent with genuine brain potential, yet, most schools offer zero courses in the ways that the human brain authentically learns and develops – is that absolutely moronic or what?

This is the end of Part 2, Vol I – – Part 3 of Vol I will return


THE COGNITIVE TIMES Journal mini-series ~ The Cognitive Code of Alzheimer’s CRACKED

THE REAL CAUSE AND PREVENTION OF  MEMORY LOSS, DEMENTIA, AND COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT NOBODY DISCUSSES !!! VOLUME I, Part I Defining the Definition of Alzheimer’s is definitively at the heart of defeating Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  This is definitely a process that keeps being ignored and overlooked in the effort to overcome the pervasive qualities of these debilitating brain diseases. There is a sort of sad joke that I’ve circulated around some of my associates, and that is the scary prospect that Dementia may actually be contagious.  Everyone is in agreement with this in the hypothetical sense – because in the care of the elderly condemned by the conditions of Dementia, who are processing the same limited pieces of information on a daily basis – and us with them – it seems we are practically destined to “inherit” the same conditional processes of  thinking , of cognizing, of emotioning…with little time to ourselves to do the one thing that can actually prevent or bypass falling under the spell of cognitive impairment.  And that would be to indeed spend some of our own lives actively mastering the requirements for advanced and open-ended thinking possibilities, or rather, engage in activities that really represent the qualities of unlimited learning. But this all sounds very philosophical, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty scientific details. Let’s say for a moment that you already know what Alzheimer’s and Dementia are, which in itself is a bit of a conundrum, because the field of Neuroscience is still itself baffled by this disease.  But whoever said that you have to get all of your information from experts? Before taking any time to read this article, take a minute to trust yourself. Consider your own definition of what Alzheimer’s and Dementia are, especially if you’ve been exposed to it, and if your life has been dramatically changed by it, particularly because you are taking care of someone you love that is now suffering from this condition.  Rather than just think about what you would define it as, feel your way through defining it – – because to truly understand what Dementia is, we must all be honestly open-hearted as well as open-minded to comprehend this disease.  Is that so?  Well yes, since at the core of cognitive impairment is precisely these two functions, that is to say these two dysfunctional functions. Whatever the Neuroscience, Pharmaceutical, and Genetic fields and experts are telling you – and literally diverting your own train of thought, here is the truth: Alzheimer’s is essentially, definitively, originally and ultimately a cognitive issue.  Of course there are links and connections to diet and exercise and DNA anomalies, but cognition is at the core, right, front, back and center of the manifestation of this disease.  And until we make peace with that, until we acknowledge that, it will remain somewhat of a mystery.  However, when we define it for what it really is, then we can demystify it. In VOLUME I, Part 2, we will discuss the actual missing elements that cause and constitute cognitive impairment….soon to be posted. [Please feel free to engage in this topic and start a conversation, and/or forward any questions to our inbox]  

WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW — Everything and Everybody! ~ What Does “This” Have to do with “That”? — Conundrums, Conflicts, and Contradictions

Are People capable of changing or are they incapable of change?  Are our brains “plastic”, or are they static and inflexible?  Are our human brains big mysteries or are they mini microcosmic versions of the grand cosmic universe?  BUT, the grandest question of all is:  Are we really meant to be on an endless and relentless pursuit to consciously find our “consciousness” of conscientiousness WHEN we are originally and naturally designed to INTUITIVELY follow and operate by our INTUITIONS ?!  

Furthermore, with “consciousness”, we have to perform the exhaustively conscious effort of surgically attaching the prosthetic tissues of morality and ethics onto the cause of managing the artificial essence of enlightened awareness, as per the parameters of “consciousness”, and all of its other ambiguous qualities – whether it is for A.I. with computer systems or whether for human intelligence and behavior, without any promises of integrative progress. And all that goes without even presenting the precise question of; What exactly has “consciousness” done to solve any major problems of humanity?

On the other hand, real authentic INTUITION can only be constructed based on the Human Brain’s hard-wired elements of Compassion and Optimism — therein automatically and most naturally having the infusion of morality and ethics built into its structure.  Compassion and Optimism are prerequisites and requirements for both Intelligence and Behavior, hence, this would be the common base for INTEGRATION for all Human Capabilities. INTUITION is the highest order of Intelligence !!!

The challenge we face is HOW do we ensure implementing this authentic set of capabilities for all humans — as our birthright and destiny?  Obviously, if we have been missing the higher calling of INTUITION, and have remained stuck on “consciousness”, it is because we are missing the key, or the bulls-eye, or the formula for accomplishing this task, which we all reserve and deserve the right to own and apply for all of our capabilities.

If our brains are mini microcosms of the grand cosmic universe, which operates in accordance with the one set of laws governing all forces of the universe, then our brains are subject to the same orders, or regulations.  By the way, these “laws of the universe” are one and the same with the descriptions of the “language of the universe”, or the “fundamental laws of math”, which are best described by the definitions of Physics, and most prominently, by the principles of e=mc2 (the Special and General theories of Relativity).

HOW could there possibly ever be a separate set of laws governing human brains — and why do we hardly pose this question while we simultaneously question our obvious sense of disconnection with the universe?  HOW can there possibly be separate unrelated laws governing intelligence & behavior, cognition & intuition, reasoning & emotioning ???  EVERYTHING about us and our capabilities must be connected and INTEGRATED. So WHAT is the missing ingredient, WHAT is the missing variable in the EQUATION of integration — WHAT is the Theory of Relativity for FULL human brain potential, which is one and the same as a full spectrum of intuitive intelligence for all of our capabilities ?  WHY have we become so blinded as to this clue?

ALL cultures throughout time have accepted the wisdom that the early years of life constitute the “foundation for EVERYTHING in life” – – the short definition is clearly that if it is the foundation for everything, then it is the foundation also for full brain potential. Without the so-called “Preschool” brain, and ONLY the 3 – 5 year old preschool brain, which simulates the interconnectivity structures for genuine integration, then it is impossible to achieve, let alone expect to accomplish the possibilities of full human brain potential, AND – establishing the formula for FULL human brain potential is the only solution for resolving all of humanity’s challenges.

In the meantime, we make excuses for adversity and mystery.  WHY do we keep dodging this wisdom – – – WHY, WHY, WHY…

Full brain potential is the only true venue for peace, CHILD BRAIN development is the only true common base that adults will ever be able to unite on regardless of race, culture, gender or other belief systems, but this requires us to understand full brain potential, which demands an understanding of the preschool brain, which is the platform for accomplishing a full future spectrum of intuitive intelligence capabilities. Without understanding this the problems of the world will persist.  The preschool stage is the foundation for EVERYTHING, so WHY has this phase of life never taken a seat at the round table with the masters of the universe??  It’s time to stop contradicting ourselves and bow to the wisdom that the early years of life hold all the keys, clues and information for solving our most adverse and treacherous problems, as well as unveiling the elements that connect us to multi-dimensional knowledge, giving us the information to propel our creative instincts for greater progress and innovative development in all fields and endeavors of humanity.

AND the FINAL answer IS. . .

Cognitivology,  The principles of Relativity & e=mc2,  Full brain potential,  The “foundation for Everything in life”,  Intuitive intelligence,  Education,  Parenting,  Human Progress/Human Development,  Advanced technological information processing,  Artificial Intelligence  —   These are ALL synonymous — they are one in the same.

. . . and the final answer is . . .

. . . regarding the most Frequently Asked Question at COGNITIVOLOGY: “Who is your target audience?”

Often, after giving a detailed explanation of what COGNITIVOLOGY does, this inquiry is STILL curiously interjected into the conversation.  Thus far, this is probably the best way to answer this FAQ :

(1) The one set of cosmic universal laws & principles described by e=mc2 and how they are relevant to the microcosmic human brain Everyone has a brain.

(2)  The preschool brain as the “foundation for everything in life” Everyone’s original preschool foundation is still their foundation for everything in their life.

(3) The destiny of ALL humans to be nurtured, and always on track, to master a full set of Intuitive Intelligence capabilities — Intuition is the Universe’s Naturally Free “internet service” and all natural entities, living and non-living are fully connected to it – – – so should we be.

(4) The biological and cognitive birthright of ALL humans to achieve 100% capacity of their brain’s full potential  Nobody expects to use just 20% of any of their other organs, why does everyone tolerate using only 20% or less of their brain’s full capacity?!

(5)  The traditionally historical narratives of intelligence and behavior have fallen grossly short of exposing and disposing the authentic elements and paths toward full human potential.

WHO, among anyone, is EXEMPT from any of these conditions ??? NOBODY !

So the final answer is that EVERYONE  is our TARGET audience.

It is very common for us to over-categorize for organizational purposes.  This is a fine human achievement, but it is detrimental when we forget or dismiss what the underlying connections are to EVERYTHING.  Typical of Pre-Einstein times, we still think of too many things as being separate, despite our insistent proposals about the laws of inter-connectivity.  We still act and believe as though there is one set of laws governing mental health issues, and another set of laws governing adult self-improvement themes, and yet still another set of laws governing childhood development requirements, and we popularize the trending ideas that there are altogether a wildly different set of rules and laws governing culture, sociality, the arts and the humanities, and on top of all of this, we think that science and technology are at the top of the heap reigning supreme over all other facets of life, behavior and knowledge. Alongside that we have religions and other advance philosophies challenging the assumptions and evidence of science. If our mental and reasoning and emotioning habits were up to speed with Technology and the acceptance of e=mc2 defining the basis of all fields of Science, then we would have already ceased thinking of various factions of life as being ruled by separately disconnecting laws – we would never ask such cognitively dissonant questions, such as “who is your target audience”? We would never tolerate or believe that there are separate and disconnecting rules governing any factions, stages, phases, conditions, and forwards of all brain health issues, which should always be defined and conjectured within the context of full human brain potential.

There is only one set of rules governing full human brain potential and these rules, are equally parallel, and equally defined by the same principles that define the one set of universal laws governing all forces of the cosmos.

These points, listed above, are all IDENTICAL and interchangeable.  Saving Humanity, Upgrading our intelligence capabilities, and fulfilling all of humanities authentic requests, desires and queries — consistent with the human brain’s naturally hard-wired system of Compassion and Optimism — all of these are governed by one interconnecting set of rules.  As long as we think a set of rules is applicable to only one group of people, then this will remain a concrete example of continuously practicing diminished brain potential.

The Theory of Relativity is relevant to Everyone.  Everyone’s mobile phone is dependent on the principles of e=mc2 — would someone deliberately vote to have their cell phone operate by some other set of false elements that would make their phone so dysfunctional, it would be virtually impossible to connect and communicate with anyone else?  Who would do that?  The natural principles of relativity work quite fine.  We are — we FEEL disconnected from the universe, because we are running on false algorithms, we are loosely connected to the principles of relativity.  This is why we are constantly groping after that feeling and interminable questions “what is the meaning of life, what are we doing here, what is my purpose, etc.” ???

When we understand how everything is really interconnected, then our emotions, sensory skills, unique abilities and intelligence potential can make a significant intuitive connection and we lose that feeling of being lost and disconnected – we enhance operating on an authentic sense of purpose.

However, this quest should be intuitively established during the early stages of life, we should never have to wait until adulthood to make consciously “good choices” just to figure all of that out.  Ultimately, our simple and complex birthright and privilege is to own a fully mastered ability to apply Intuitive intelligence to all of our abilities, without having to think about it.  WE SHOULD EACH BE INTUITIVELY INTERCONNECTED within our own individual compositions ,  as well as interconnected to everything else in the universe – JUST AS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE is interconnected to every other element and entity.



THE COGNITIVE TIMES Journal ~ mini-Newsflash

First I would like to thank everyone out there who has taken the time to read and understand my blog. I hope it continues to be shared. Please make every effort to continue working on your own intuitive intelligence skills and speaking to young children in ways that best reflect cognitively correct development for their young brains.

Today I am just giving a brief synopsis on what COGNITIVOLOGY does and what it is on track to achieve conveying:

From a philosophical perspective, the time has come to realize that there is nothing “mysterious” about achieving the full intuitive-cognitive potential of the human brain. The allure of the “mysterious” is merely an excuse.  The only real “mystery” in life is discovering all the things we ought to be grateful for — it is the same principle that works for the wonder of learning about anything and everything.

From a Scientific perspective, the supposed “mystery” of the human brain is hiding in plain sight – in the minds of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, particularly preschoolers, because this is the one and only phase in human (brain) development when all the fundamental essentials of our total potential are gathered in the same place at the same time.  Now, if only we’d bother to follow our own advice and look into the trans-culturally accepted wisdom the early years are indeed “The foundation for EVERYTHING in life” – – And “everything” really does mean “everything”.

Unfortunately, this disregarded tell-tale clue is our literal and proverbial “weak link” in genuine human progress — even Neuroscience is shamefully illiterate in this area.

There is a “THEORY OF RELATIVITY” for Full human brain development.  We ought to definitely expect to use 100% of our brains’ potential in the same way that we expect to use 100% of all of our other organs and bodily functions….

….As Humanity has discovered and learning, there is one set of universal laws governing all visible and invisible forces of the cosmic universe — as defined by the principles of e=mc2 — the same set of universal laws are pertinent and relative to the microcosmic development of the human brain’s full potential.

ONLY a combination of debunking a majority of traditional concepts & narratives about what makes up ‘higher’, ‘fuller’ or ‘full’ human potential,  followed by a rigorous synthesis, or recipe of applying the one set of universal laws and principles to the ‘preschool brain’, as the “foundation for everything” can we unlock the code for FULL HUMAN BRAIN POTENTIAL, and Human Harmony that is the true hallmark of Humanity’s authentic Nature, which must be nurtured by the principles of Nature. In other words, the “one” set of universal laws governing all forces emphatically denote that there is only one set of principles governing both “nurture” and “nature” — so it is both, but they are identical, they are one and the same.

Stay true to your intuitions folks, Trust the one set of universal laws that govern all knowledgeable laws of the universe, and whence all knowledge originates from.

Until next time, C. Woolf

THE COGNITIVE TIMES, Exclusive Edition for Scholars, Leaders, Educators, Economists and Role Models – – “THE CHALLENGE IS ON”

The FIRST most important truthful  fact of life you’ll always need to know is how your BRAIN REALLY WORKS – AND to really understand how your brain really works means understanding the original springboard or platform of brain development, which is fully encoded in the 3–5 year old preschool brain (and only in the preschool brain).  The secondary part of this first fact also warrants understanding how the basic principles of e=mc2 –that is, The Theory of Relativity, are essential to understanding real HUMAN BRAIN POTENTIAL.

The SECOND most important fact of life is that there will never be any way to get around, ignore, or dismiss, or bypass the proverbial “preschool” brain in the pursuit of understanding the genuine full potential of the human brain.  You might say that there must be other ways of comprehending and achieving the full potential of the human brain ?! Right ? If that were the truth, or if it were even remotely possible, then some of those other means might have very well presented themselves by now — so what precisely would be these other means?  Could we possibly have missed them all?  Are we really that dull? We keep missing the clues because the one thing that will provide the answers to full brain potential is the one thing that we are most illiterate and dumbfounded about – and that is the preschool stage of intuitive-cognitive development !!!  And if the preschool stage is the only way to understand the full potential of the human brain, why would people avoid looking into it – – why would anyone dismiss and ignore the one thing that will help unlock and demystify the keys, codes and secrets to full brain potential?  What is it that people think they “don’t” need to know about the “preschool brain”.  Why are people so disturbed and befuddled by this prospect?


and stay tuned to and our website

The preschool stage is the foundation for everything in life, EVERYTHING — and everything means everything.  So why wouldn’t the preschool stage be the criteria for understanding the full potential of the human brain AND  what other stage of life can possibly boast being the foundation for EVERYTHING?  Only the foundation for everything can possibly provide all the answers needed for full brain potential.

The human brain is a microcosm of the universe and all the forces of the universe are subject to the unifying laws that do indeed govern all forces.  So the human brain is also subject to the same laws that govern laws themselves, and that is that all elements that govern the laws themselves, which in turn govern the universe, are derived from the same set of governing forces that everything is subject to.

There is a Theory of Relativity for Human Brain Potential, and the principles of e=mc2 make human brain relativity an inevitable fate – – – the opposite is just too consequential and even unthinkable  — and besides, we’ve been running on the antithesis of e=mc2 for millennia ….isn’t it time we tried running with the theory of relativity for our brains, look what it’s done for technology and computer science and space-travel and televisions and



The fundamental math principles of e=mc² have proven again and again to be relative to the invisible and visible forces of the whole cosmic universe.  The human brain is a microcosm of the universe , which is why we seek out its knowledge – – because universal knowledge is a necessary and prerequisite element for full human brain potential.  Therefore, the human brain is subject to the principles and parameters of e=mc²

The Laws that Govern the forces of the universe are what make the universe an interconnecting knowledgeable entity — and that is what makes the universe a natural “internet service” of intuitive knowledge and information processes. Humans have never been exempt from these processes and properties, but humans are operating on a grade of intuitive intelligence that is well below the natural grade of intuitive connectivity.  Intuition is the highest function of intelligence — the human birthright and our ultimate fate is to master intuitive intelligence.  Now all we need to do is start a real conversation about intuitive intelligence, which is one and the same with real human brain potential.

EINSTEIN clearly declared that “INTUITION IS EVERYTHING” !!!

The fundamentals of real intuitive intelligence is also identical to the fundamentals of the 3 – 5 year old (preschool) brain.  To comprehend the genuine properties of real brain development is to understand the preschool brain.  Any resources, or fields of knowledge proposing and promoting information about how to unlock the brain’s higher purposes and potential must be able to also proclaim that at least 50% of their material and documentation covers the intuitive-cognitive mechanics of the 3 – 5 year old (preschool) brain.  ALL resources attempting to reveal higher brain development without explaining the preschool brain are merely remedial, impermanent, and maybe even impertinent, but practically all require the effort of conscious application and constant conscious management, and even diffuse, or ignore the fundamental properties of intuition.

Fundamentally defined, INTUITION is actually the connection between all systems of knowledge – –  and every form of energy & matter in the universe is a packet of knowledge and information – from a Boson particle to Binary stars, and EVERYTHING in between. All entities in the universe, living and non-living, operate intuitively to fulfill their full potential, and serve their functional purpose within the interconnecting mechanics of the universe.

INTUITION is also the BIRTHRIGHT and DESTINY of Full Human Brain Potential, connecting us and compelling us, to explore the knowledge of the universe.  Full human brain potential however, i.e., acquiring the knowledge of the universe, takes place after birth, thus the processes of “I.I.” [ Intuitive Intelligence ] must be established and fostered  { post birth } in conjunction with our incremental stages of “cognitive development”, with the help of all of our multi-dimensional sensory tools.

Just as the paired forces of space-time, electromagnetism, light-speed, gravity-mass/acceleration, as well as the Quantum world & multiple dimensions (yet to be properly connected by Scientists/Particle Physicists) are ALL inextricably linked & interconnected — so are the paired forces of intuition–cognition, emotioning–reasoning, language–relationships, creativity–precognitive decision making/hypothesizing, Parenting–brain development, Education–brain development, psychic abilities–multi-dimensional sensory perception, instant gratification–delayed gratification, foresight–hindsight.   All these are governed by underlying and overarching laws and principles common to all processes and properties of the universe.

There have never been separate and disconnecting laws governing the forces of the universe, we merely needed to discover them and realize how they are interconnected.  We are now at the point where we must do the same for the prospects of full human brain potential & intuitive intelligence — these two forces are also identical and as inextricably linked as space & time, electromagnetism, etc.  Intuition is how Einstein figured out the forces of the universe, and it is why he proclaimed that “intuition is everything”, and it is why we consider him to be an intuitive genius.

“Intuition is Everything”, and it is applicable to Everything – – especially, all of the intelligence and behavior capabilities of human potential.


Intuitively is how we’re supposed to learn everything.  Children are the best intuitive learners and early brain development constitutes the foundation for everything in life.  Intuitively, is how we should learn throughout our lifetimes.  The keys to how we learn and the clues to better earning are fully encoded in young brains — all of the descriptions of which are fully DEFINED and DESCRIBED in COGNITIVOLOGY® books, and explicitly outlined in detail in:    

* COLLECTING and CONNECTING THE DOTS – Human Heart and Brain Version 10.0 ~ Upgrading our 40,000 year old 0.2 version of Potential.   

* THE DOTS CONNECTED ~ What Does Childhood Really Have to do with Adulthood, PLUS, Intuition’s Role in Fulfilling the Total Development of the Human Brain and the Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind.

* CONNECTING THE DOTS ~ The Cognitively Correct Way to Speak with Preschoolers.

Explore these books and the significance behind a genuine Theory of Relativity for Full Human Brain Potential.  Visit our website to investigate our books and consultations about Intuitive Intelligence development. Find out WHY, find out HOW, find out MORE – – – COGNITIVOLOGY® :  The World’s leading and best consulting forum for Intuitive Intelligence  (as well as the genuine traits of computational thinking).

Only COGNITIVOLOGY® can answer all of the fundamentally-interconnecting questions & traits about Intuitive Intelligence.    The TRUTH is in the fundamentals !!!

In the future we may consider naming names and describing how certain known, credible and trusted personas are misleading the general public about higher brain potential…but we’d rather see them join the real cause of real brain development, if they dare to understand.  Good luck and good tidings to all throughout the world and throughout the year.  — C. Woolf, primary author of COGNITIVOLOGY (R) books, literature and materials.