The definition of COGNITION, defined

COGNITIVOLOGY (a registered trademark)  definition of Cognition, copyright 2013, 2017, 2018

Human COGNITION is an Intuitive-Cognitive Process rooted in human Emotional Cognition, which is the basis for all human cognitive processes and the very first process of cognition that predominantly takes place over 2 1/2 decades as a post-birth development (unlike animals born with a full or nearly full intuitive-cognitive neuro-net prior to birth).

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THEREFORE:  The definition for human intuitive-cognitive development BUILT UPON Emotional Cognition is:

The emotional ability to fully experience Trust and the truthful premises of knowledge (from day zero/point zero), so as to acquire knowledge and information from relationships and all dimensions of energy & matter (the most primordial resource of knowledge and information, both Natural and Artificial) in conjunction with the full value of ALL emotions and the aid of (mathematically correct/cognitively correct) intuitive language development (inter-dependent upon relationships), altogether synthesized and cohesively interconnected during a particular early stage of brain development (outlining the rigorous PROSPECTUS for full human brain potential), and ultimately yielding a full spectrum of Intuitive Intelligence that is fully processed and supplied by a range of multi-dimensional sensory tools for all quotients of cognition ~ ~ intellectual, willful-reasoning, creative and social-collaborative skills as fully integrative and operating in accordance with the traits of a microcosmic human brain capable of understanding the knowledge of the universe operating under one set of governing laws directing all forces and elements as best described by the principles and properties of e=mc2 (as the ‘standard model’ and consistent with the fundamental parameters and essences of Physics, the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics, Astro-Biology, Quantum Entanglement, Cosmology, Particle Physics, Theoretical Physics, Bio-chemistry and String Theory.

[Paraphrased/Extracted/Excerpted from COGNITIVOLOGY books/literature]