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HELP – Properly Engineering Brain Development vs. Reverse Engineering Brain Development


If you found an alien spacecraft, and it only had 20% of its parts and those few parts have incurred many serious damages, you’d probably agree that it would be had to figure out all of its mechanics and how the parts work together.  But if you found another alien craft – with all of its parts intact and connected and mostly undamaged, you’d probably agree that it would be a much better asset for unraveling and reverse engineering its mechanics and flight techniques.  In human development, which is one in the same with human brain development that, containing all of the mechanics of our potential, we are dealing with the 20% scenario.  We are constantly trying to reverse engineer human brain development by examining adult intelligence and capitalizing on adult self-improvement techniques. If we want to understand the human brain and 100% of its potential, it would be wise to take the opportunity to review the human brain when all of its cognitive mechanics are all situated together in the same place at the same time, and are virtually undamaged — and we have that opportunity everyday — but we pass it up. Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Like the consummate alien craft-chaser, we pass on examining the 100% intact version and look to the 20% damaged version.  If we really want to understand human brain development, at some point, we’re going to have to choose the undamaged, fully intact craft of the total sum of our cognitive mechanics.  We have the opportunity everyday, however this opportunity comes in the crafty form of the preschool brain – and only the preschool brain.  Of all human interest issues, and the most important issue of all human development — is the preschool brain, yet it is the most neglected topic in human progress, but without a doubt it is the most significant issue that humanity can tackle.  We are called to cease exploring human brain development as a reverse engineering feat with limited and damaged parts and pieces.  It’s time to properly engineer human brain development with 100% of its mostly undamaged parts and pieces. If Preschool is the “Foundation for Everything in Life”, the everything in life ought to be defined by the preschool stage of brain development.  But first we need to understand what “everything” is, because 80% of “everything” is missing from the foundation of preschool development, which is why we reach adulthood with only 20% of our potential activated. First we have to become aware of this basic truth and then we have to reconcile with it, because it is indeed a tough reconciliation. Then we have to get started treating the “foundation for everything” according to the brain’s natural requirements for its full development, as opposed staying subscribed to the prevailing and inefficient practices of child rearing and early brain development.  There’s much work to do, but when we all collaborate together, it will be the most fun, enlightening, exhilarating and vindicating work humanity will ever embark upon — until we do this, nothing will be truly reformed. It’s time to set ourselves free with the truth.  Thanks folks

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The other consideration we must account for is the intuitively purposeful state of activity that all natural entities are constantly engaged in — in other words, just as all natural functions, elements and processes are working by their instincts and naturally intuitive state of affairs, HUMANS are also destined to fully develop intuitively and operate as intuitively intelligent beings.  However, humans must develop our intuitions in conjunction with our childhood years of brain development, and our intuitive language development.  The 20% (or less) proportion of brain potential we are using is due to the lack of intuitive intelligence development.  So REAL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT during CHILDHOOD is what accounts for and constitutes INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE.   “Neuroplastic” Adult brain development is REMEDIAL brain development – it’s 80% counter-intuitive.

REAL TOTAL 100% BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, which is one in the same with INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT  is only possible through CHILD BRAIN DEVELOPMENT  — the most necessary element for the sake of sane world progress.  It’s time to reconcile this basic truth !!!

Let’s start with the concept that PRESCHOOL IS THE FOUNDATION FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE.  It’s time for Humanity to pick a side – either Preschool is the “foundation for everything in life” or it is completely meaningless…  SO WHAT ARE WE ALL GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT ??? –  how will it get done and what can we all do to get involved and contribute to REAL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT?  — The answer?  Understand Brain development, which can only be comprehensibly realized by understanding a full picture of brain potential, which is only wholly presented by the integral cognitive processes of the preschool brain.