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It’s so nice to find evidence that supports literature, assumptions and information we’ve strategically and rigorously professed. For that I’d like to praise a brand new article produced and written via the NIH by Arnold Kriegstein, titled “Our Brain’s Secret to Success”. It’s all about connectivity and regions of the brain that “talk to each other”. More importantly, it mentions how “the human cortex harbors a unique support system for neuron-producing factories during early brain development in outlying cellular neighborhoods that barely exist in lower animals. The researchers discovered the molecular underpinnings of this unique group of stem cells that churn out thousands of neurons and support cells where their mouse counterparts produce only 10 – 100.” The article further states that the researchers also “discovered that the secret to this prolific output seems to lie in these cells ability to carry with them their own self-renewing ‘niches’, support systems that enable them to thrive in far flung circuit suburbs.” [of the brain].
Of course, the article uses this evidence and information to support conventional definitions of success and the characteristics that support humanity’s ongoing narratives, attitudes and activities about what defines higher thinking, as well as higher behavior aptitudes. Additionally, the article is concerned with addressing certain conditions relative only to humans, and this new evidence offers hope wherein these conditions are non-existent in rodents (such as schizophrenia, and/or certain diseases unique to humans).
Furthermore, this new information defines an addition to the list of “brain parts”. This in particular is significant, but altogether it supports the Cognitivology ideas about Intuition as the main power source of connectivity, and how intuition is the highest function of intelligence for any skill, ability, species, or entity of the universe. But the most far reaching implications are the ones that support the idea that intuition, and communication-connectivity between various parts of the mind-brain are imperative to the early stages of brain development, with a specific reference to intuitive-cognitive development at the preschool stage – since, Preschoolers are in fact, the best intuitive learners, and thus, for all of us, sets the stage for the “niches” of lifetime learning, and using the connectivity values of intuition to do just that.
Our definitions for EVERYTHING must transform to become consistent with our pursuits to achieve higher brain development and indeed, TOTAL BRAIN POTENTIAL. In other words, definitions do make a difference, because fundamental definitions help us to decipher the meanings and purposes of information that yield extra and even infinite opportunities to develop and innovate new ideas. For instance, the traditional definition of a “second” – consistent with solar standards for measuring time – was probably something like ‘a sixtieth (1/60) of a minute’. Whereas, the new definition of a “second” is now something like ‘9.19+ billion oscillations of an undisturbed cesium atom’. This is because we’ve gone from solar time to atomic time, and also because our days are getting longer. It makes sense to mark time atomically rather than by the sun, because location matters in measuring time and the earth moves (and is slowing down), while the sun stays relatively in its same place.
By the same token, the definitions for BRAIN POTENTIAL must change. We are still operating on the notion that higher brain potential mainly involves memory, or higher education leading to success and happiness, profound belief systems, meditating, etc. But all of these things and how we use them still depend on how our early brains were fostered to develop and how those “niches” were encouraged and enhanced for communication-connectivity throughout all parts of the brain, which ought to operate as an integral system of information. These aforementioned characteristics may appear to be the means for gaining higher brain potential, but they are merely the results of higher brain potential that were planted during the preschool stage of intuitive-cognitive development.
Conclusively (and more detailed in the following blog entry) is the new definition for the highest orders of brain potential and the connectivity parameters needed for the highest operating power of human intelligence and behavior. So the new definition for TOTAL BRAIN POTENTIAL IS: a + b = c
(a) The brain plays a role in EVERYTHING we do in life.
(b) The PRESCHOOL BRAIN is the foundation for EVERYTHING we do in life.
Therefore (c) The PRESCHOOL BRAIN is the manual for TOTAL BRAIN POTENTIAL and EVERYTHING we are capable of doing in life as we function on a full capacity of interconnecting brain activity.
Even though the evidence has followed the assumptions we’ve put together, well – better a bit late than never, after all, even for Ptolemy and Copernicus and Galileo and Newton, whose assumptions about the universe came before rigorous evidence, or that some of our best technology was science-fiction before it was realistic, it seems to be the more common course in the events of progress. Thanks NIH and Dr. Kriegstein & associates.