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The world’s most extreme problem is LACK OF BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, because it is the lack of brain development that has caused all of the world’s problems.

CHILDHOOD Brain Development is Humanity’s most vital answer to solving Problems and establishing world Peace and Prosperity.

We all agree that the PRESCHOOL (and early) years of life are the FOUNDATIONS FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE, Yet, we never use this “foundation” for examining,  solving and resolving all of the problems of life – or for defining EVERYTHING in life.  This is the most ironic phenomenon and cognitively dissonant compulsion we are all engaged in, and have been for many thousands of years.

Politics, Religion, Technology and Economics are ill-equipped for solving the world’s problems because these endeavors are seriously illiterate and unwilling to understand the early stages of development as the most essential element in Human Progress, and indeed for advancing Human Progress in the leaps and bounds it so desperately needs in all areas and endeavors of Human Development.

It is so easy to deny, and though it seems so simple a solution, it is the ONLY solution that ALL PEOPLE can AGREE upon.  The only way to reconcile our differences is to recognize the part of ALL of us that we similarly share – and that is that we were all Preschoolers once upon a time, and all the children to come will also pass through and experience the preschool stage — this phase in life when our brains’ neuro-nets will map out the majority of our intelligence and behavior impulses for a lifetime.  But this is also the time that any challenges can be fixed without a hitch – – yes, you can work on changing yourself later on in adulthood, but it is a lifetime effort that yields negligible results, and unfortunately, that’s the option we have all been stuck with.  But that hardly means we should pass this insidious tradition onto the children of today and all of the generations of children to follow.

The NARRATIVE of human progress begs for a change – one that will actually change things.  Human development, and human progress must cease depending on the limits of adult brain potential and find unlimited potentiality in the undamaged intuitive-cognitive development of young children.  As long as we deny this, we can count on humanity suffering the same ridiculous adversities that we’ve experienced over and over again throughout the millenniums.

We can throw all the funds we want at humanitarian causes and buy all the newest technological toys we want and can afford, but only early childhood brain development will alter the future courses of human history.


In the world of true human potential — or 100% of activated brain potential — the last thing that would ever take place is any sort of “campaign to make people aware” of their own and others’ worth and value.  People everywhere would just know that !  Sure, there would still be diverse cultures, but none that support the lack of value for some lives while others are considered to be more important.  There would be zero notions of privilege or poverty, or a societal status in life that must be honored by all, or the strict adherence to a caste and class system.  In “real” human progress, or the current version of “conscientious thinking”, these concepts would be intolerable, because they would be “unreal”, that is, inconsistent with the “real” values of “Real brain development” that would be made available to all people – since we all possess a human brain with all the necessary parts for full brain development.  In other words, a caste and class, or privilege and poverty system could only be validated as true or fated or destined if it can be proved that only certain people are born with all of their brain parts while others are born without all of the pieces that make up the total organized organ of the human brain.

When we think of advanced, or higher placement in academic circles VS. remedial placement classes, we understand the difference and the significant impact that these labels have on future “success” and a life of opportunities.  This description of “remedial” vs. “advanced” is technically the difference between the conditions of our species realization between “real brain development” and “remedial brain development” — or between INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE development and lame conscientious awareness.  The elemental difference here is our ability to reconcile that “real brain development” is “child brain development”, and the product of “adult brain applications” – has been for thousands of years – a remedial practice of limited intuitive intelligence and underdeveloped emotional literacy.

This is what we are stuck on, and as we recognize this problem, we can change humanity’s most extreme problem – that is, the one that causes all of our problems, which is our lack of human brain development that has plagued our human species for thousands of years.  But we are so covered and weighed down by the muck of our limited brain development, and while we are collapsing under the weight of our world’s adverse challenges, we have become stuck on the strategy of putting bandages on very deep wounds — without addressing the one thing that will resolve ALL of our problems, which is REAL BRAINDEVELOPMENT, meaning CHILD BRAIN DEVELOPMENT.

When “universal preschool development” EVERYWHERE, actually means and is implemented by the universal values of preschool brain development, according to the brain’s natural terms for emotional-cognitive-intuitive intelligence, instilling the equal values of every human life, then the limited barriers of our REMEDIAL Bandage programs can surrender to the REAL parameters of REAL brain development and naturally take over the truest postulates for HUMAN PROGRESS.

When children grow up with an intuitive understanding about the values of their own lives and the values of others’ lives, then REAL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, with all its integrated parts and pieces, takes over the process of highly advanced human progress.  When the intuitive-cognitive development of early childhood is emphasized and fostered as the front and center of every community’s efforts for “real human progress”, then human progress will actually graduate to an advanced placement status and move up from its “remedial” efforts.  “Intuitive intelligence” must replace “conscientious awareness”.