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Last Call…

Just a little shout out to the Neuroscience community. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are invading the lives of our senior communities.

We need a fresh start, that is that we need to go back to the drawing board so to speak.  Its time to begin anew and approach the real meaning and mechanisms of cognitive impairment, and how it is more that just a loss of memory.

It is only considerate to consider what we are really dealing with and how we have been approaching this topic in reverse – and that can be interpreted two ways, but for now we will deal with just one of those.

It is high time to reconcile that Dementia is – originally – non-neurologically and non-genetically based, even though there’s plenty of scientific evidence to show us that there are neurological and genetic implicating factors that can hardly be ignored.  More than anything Dementia is cognitively based and it is this cognitive lack of development that causes Dementia more than anything else.  Cognition is such a powerful force that it can undoubtedly affect us neurological and genetically – particularly because genetics are so flexibly affected and influenced by our environments, and for humans our environments are definitely connected to our cognitive processing.  Find out more in our upcoming literature, soon to be released.





TO CHOOSE OR AVOID CHOOSING… TO DECIDE OR AVOID DECIDING – that is the question, sooooo what are the options?

It’s pretty simple, although it is complex – – it’s uncomplicated.

If you really want to be smart, the smartest thing you can do is know how the human brain really works, so that you can really make your brain work for you.   —–~COGNITIVOLOGY

Most people are sadly disinterested in real brain development.  Some dislike it altogether and there are others still who are deeply afraid of this topic. But for those who want to have an actual option, that is, have the CHOICE to choose between the traditional version of brain development, (which has been the only one available so far the past thousands of years) VS. those who literally want to know the authentic version of human brain potential, and all of its genuine capabilities, such as providing the actual mechanisms for generating full brain potential for today’s young children and all future generations, then it makes sense that people ought to receive the alert that such an option is available.

Enter COGNITIVOLOGY. Where does Cognitivology or anybody find the answers to the formula for full human brain potential?  The only place they can be found – in and from the brain itself.

Having real choices is a human birthright~ brought together by plasticity imprinted by parenting, that incorporates a standard system of cognitively correct language, because without language, cognition is, at best elusive, and at worst inaccessible. Furthermore, without language coding that supports full brain potential then cognitive development will always remain limited – i.e., stuck on the version we’ve been using for the last 50,000 years.


The most essential ingredient for human cognition is nothing other than the plain and simple ingredient of “cognitive development“.These complex but uncomplicated cognitive ingredients include (among many other elements): Emotional Literacy, multi-dimensional senses, an intuitional acquisition of the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics, the basics of Natural Science, and the flexibility of communication & collaboration – – all of which must be fundamentally meshed together in the 1st five years of brain development. Why? Because that’s when 90% of the brain’s dominant neuronal wiring is set for a lifetime of learning, which requires plasticity ~ ~ That is to say that the plasticity program or version that you will retain for a lifetime is set, when all of these factors are set and meshed together in early cognitive development.  Patterns, predilections and proclivities imprinted during this time are the most influential and subsequently, make those traits the hardest to alter – – including the fundamental tensile strength of your own plasticity flexibility.

The first truth about real human brain development is that the 90% rule of plasticity is established during that stage when 90% of the brain is developing.  The plasticity you experience and apply now and/or after the first 5 years of life is the 10% latitude or margin that will still give actual flexibility ranges to the plasticity features of the brain. Historically, human brain development has been approached in reverse. Cognitivology is unveiling the unadapted correct order for fulfilling full human brain plasticity. Simply put — does it make sense to establish the 90% part so that it is fully engineered to fully support the 10% part for a total of 100% elasticity for your lifetime learning plasticity?

Unlimited Flexible lifetime Neuro-plasticity is only as usefully applicable as the original ingredients of cognitive development that would have been installed during the foundational functions (original switchboard) of cognitive development capabilities. If there are basic cognitive functions that were missed being implanted or imprinted into the original hardware, software or switchboard of any of the authentic capabilities of human cognition, it is impossible to have that function for which to exercise any flexible plasticity, as well as any cognitive processing for a function that missed being laid.  This is the truth about true cognitive processing

The smartest thing anybody can do is know how their brain really works and thus make it really work for you.  For thousands of years people have sought spiritual nirvana, highly intellectual genius capacity, the golden seal of compassionate care for other humans, beauty in art, mastery in music, ideal political systems, advance economic strategies or programs for world peace – – all of which require the use of our brains, all of which either independently or together have negligibly changed humanity on a unifying or global scale.  The most unifying of all elements is our brain, and it therefore, should be given the chance, indeed put at center stage for addressing the underlining issues that keep us disunited.  We look for the highest orders of all other things that require the use of our brain yet we have yet to reconcile that we should actually  unveil and implement the highest order of our brain’s capacities. For everything that humans seek and desire to create, true brain development is the definition for it!

–C. A. Woolf


Human Cognition IS EMOTIONAL COGNITION:     Reprint, updated, copyright COGNITIVOLOGY (R), a registered Trademark of Cognitively Correct ~ overhauling and filling in the gaps of Neuroscience to define it as a genuine field of Science via the rigorous requisites, properties and parameters of the Standard Model for Scientific discovery as best described by the principles of e=mc2. Copyright Cognitivology books & Literature, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2018

EVERYTHING IS MATH / COGNITION is a Mathematical function, Nothing is exempt from the definitions of the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics / the Human Brain is an emotionally developed instrument / Emotional Cognition is the very first cognitive process, and the basis of all subsequent cognitive quotients of intelligence / Cognition & Math can never be based on “non-math” ;  therefore, Emotional Cognition must also be mathematical — otherwise the final process of “cognitive development” i.e., REASONING, would have zero basis in mathematical logistics.

Human Cognition IS “Emotional Cognition”, and it is properly defined as the emotional and instinctual ability to acquire a full literacy and knowledge of TRUST based on the TRUTHFUL principles of knowledge that are derived from the ORIGINAL resource of ALL Knowledge, i.e., the Natural Universe, which coherently represents and reflects the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics, defining EVERYTHING and substantially interconnecting the basis for all forces and elements as best defined by the properties of e=mc2, therein providing a PROSPECTUS for the fullest intuitive-cognitive potential of the microcosmic human brain, in conjunction with the full development of multi-dimensional sensory tools, via the exploration of the Natural multi-dimensional Universe, and altogether coded and ensured by the intuitive acquisition of Cognitively Correct/Mathematically correct language skills, when all skills are intuitively learned and formulating the baseline configurations for a lifetime of “plasticity” and unlimited patterns of integrative learning/memory-Intelligence/behavior, in accordance with the human brain’s 100% hard-wired Compassion-Optimism structure.

Hence, the definition for “Emotional Intelligence” is:  The ability to treat any & all expressions of verbal communication with any types of accompanying emotions – as information processors – to be converted into knowledge and communication via a full spectrum of emotional literacy, thereby, giving all emotions the same equal value index and credit that should be applied to all emotions.

For more information or the schedule a talk, counsel, consultation or LECTURE please contact Bryce Conway at;

Lecture topics for High Schools and College/Universities ~ “Fully defining ‘Cognition’ – redefining Neuroscience”  /  “I.I.” vs. “A.I.” – human Intuitive Intelligence as the precursor for Artificial Intelligence, Computational thinking in both humans and computers, The relationship between Critical Thinking Skills and the STEM/STREAM fields of knowledge.

EARLY EDUCATION TEACHER TRAINING;  Mastering Early Educator skills to efficiently activate the “Pre-K” brain: The literal PROSPECTUS for Full Human Brain Potential.


We’re constantly barraged with rhetorical statements – concepts it seems, that we are supposed to just accept at face value, to believe, have faith – – and this is supposed to be good enough and therefore, required of us to accept without question?  On the other hand, we are equally promoted with the notion that we ought to ask the right questions.  So, should we question the most rhetorical and unchallenged statement of all time, the question being, “Is Life Really Worth Living”?

Okay, now it’s asked.  Let’s explore it.

It may be a matter of pure philosophy, or a mere personal opinion, or a firm belief.

“Be curious”, “ask the right and unasked questions”, “be open-minded”, “You never know where the next big idea will come from”, “keep your eyes and ears alert”, etc.  That’s what they say, “they” being the leaders, scholars and masters of the universe.  But do they really live up to practicing what they preach?  Do they keep the lines of communication open?  Do they shut down when it comes down to exchanging conversations with the common folk of society?  Why is twitter designed to be a one-sided conversation?

Scientists especially love to tell us to question everything – – does everything include life and death?  It’s a delicate topic, but whatever topic we do decide to engage in, guess what? – we need our brains to do it ! ~  WHICH brings us to the true nature of THIS conversation. because as much as it seems controversial, i’ts nothing of the sort.  The real sentimental debate here is that the topic of pure brain potential is nothing short of provocative,  even more so than the topic of death itself. 

Somewhere within the happily contagious plethora of J.K. Rowlings literature, there is the statement: “To the well-organized mind, death is but the next adventure” .  Although these tales are fictional, this particular statement stands in truth, because death comes to us all, and a well organized logical intelligent mind ought to contemplate its arrival at some point in the timeline of life.

“Is life worth living” is as identically profound as asking the question “What is our PURPOSE in Life”?  That consummate question, that at some point, most of us ask either in our moments of silent despair, or most adverse challenges, or even when the excitement of something grand has taken place.  ‘Is life worth living’ & ‘what is the  purpose of life’ go hand-in-hand – and its time we put our heads together to challenge its singular answer.  The current narratives, trends and therapeutic philosophies of life are dominated by the headline of mindfulness — a quaint and comfortable approach to dealing with “life” and “consciousness”, “balance” and “harmony”, a combination of heart-mind-body-spirit, heart and emotions — all wrapped together in a tender and promising recipe.  [At a most recent presentation that I attended, I asked where was the ‘brain’ in this scenario, to which I received the answer, ‘well, we have the mind listed here’ — to which I said, ‘please, allow me to ask my question a different way;  Which of those traits, including the mind can be exercised and applied without the use of the brain’? For this I received a blank look and shrugged shoulders].

If ‘mindfulness’ and all the other pop-trends of life were so solidly substantial, fit and impervious, they would be capable of addressing and answering the dualistic questions of “how do we achieve full brain potential” and “what is the purpose of life” — Mindfulness will only last as long as, or until the next pop-trend comes along.  the question of full brain potential and purpose of life can only be answered by each other.

The purpose of our lives, at least in the most essential, fundamental and primordial sense is to fulfill the full cognitive potential of our brains. It is within this context that we’ll discover any additional reason and purposes for living and the life giving element that authentically define “living life to the fullest”.  We have yet to achieve tapping into the human brain’s fullest potential.  We utilize only a mere 10-20% of our multi-sensory-intuitive-cognitive potential (give or take some numerical percentage, but still very far off from the 100% potential we ought to use in the same ways that we naturally expect to use 100% potential and purpose of all of our other bodily organs). And yes, although our brains ‘power system’ is 100% switched on, the switched on system includes the ability to perform wireless communication, the ability to access unlimited knowledge and information from all dimensions of the universe, behave 100% of the time in accordance with the human brain’s hard-wired predilection to operate all of our intelligence capabilities with the cerebral hardware values and algorithms of Compassion and Optimism, intuitively understanding and practicing reasoning and computational thinking skills and the most basics of common sense, judgment and critical thinking — all so we can put our heads together, be on the same page and do what humans really do best of all ~ Collaborate! ]

Altogether, these descriptions define the exact reason for describing the brain as the most complex entity in the universe, and more succinctly why the human brain is a microcosmic version of the universe, capable of understanding and deciphering the knowledge and information of the universe.  Furthermore, it is a realization that the knowledge of the universe is a requisite set of ingredients for the full potential development of the human brain, and a set of configurations that begins with “Emotional Cognition”  which has now also been fully and rigorously defined, even while experts in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience are still scratching their heads over it . . .

So to finalize and conclude the consummate question — Is Life Worth Living?  That is to say, is life worth living without the access and ability to the unlimited usefulness of our full cognitive potential – so that we can surmise and reason all the other worthwhile, creative and unlimited  purposes for living that we have yet to discover, because for those that feel that life is disdainfully unworthy of living, they may be feeling ahead of discoveries yet to come.  And while we are at that juncture of thinking, there’s value in believing and living by the philosophy that the cup is half full, but our cups should be full so that we have plenty to share, give and collaborate with others.

Perhaps those that crave the end of life have the right idea, perhaps intuitively or deep down inside they are asking the right questions and the rest of us have it all wrong and are acting blissfully ignorant, either consciously or unconsciously.  Without the full operational potential of our cognitive abilities, how can we honestly say that we are fulfilling the purpose of our lives, how can we genuinely propose to be “living life to the fullest”?

So, does this mean we ought to be a justification bulletin for those that want to get out of dodge, or say “goodbye cruel world”, when they may be the most qualified to understand how to make life, and the world, more manageable and worth living in?   Is death meaningful if the life lived preceding it, was also meaningful?  There are those who love life and fear death, and there are those that fear life and love death.  Together and collaboratively, we are called to face the most provocative concept of fulfilling brain potential — a mental and emotional task that is even more frightening that death itself.

. . . Oh, and by the way, if you are actually curious enough to want to know the fundamentals of full human brain potential, or essentially what the undeniable definition of what EMOTIONAL COGNITION is, then YES, we CAN provide it for you.  Be courageous and simply ask, we will reply!!!

Until next time… Cheers, Carla


It would hardly be the first time we’ve taken advantage of the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction”, because the truth of the matter about truth is that it is uncompromising, un-bendable, inflexible, non-negotiable and unyielding ~ perhaps this is why we also subscribe to the saying that “the truth hurts”.

If our beliefs are consistent with truths, then there’s never any way that the truth can be hurtful.  Maybe because the truth about anything can be hurtful is why we go through painstaking efforts to avoid it – a literal exercise in contradiction in and of itself. But, if our beliefs are designed to protect us from actual truths, then it is understandable why folks would protect and abide by their beliefs, and even make their belief systems unyielding so as to ensure having to face truthful premises.  Essentially, what does this mean if we are making value comparisons, such as the way we do at the supermarket when we are deciding to buy one particular product versus a competitor version of the same product.  Do the principles change if we are asking the daring question of which is more important — the truth or one’s personal (or cultural) beliefs? !!  The principles of learning and knowledge are unilateral, they remain consistent whether one is learning in foresight or hindsight, by artificial knowledge or natural knowledge.  Knowledge, like all natural elements of the universe — where knowledge originates from the forces and elements and building blocks of the universe — is governed by one set of unifying laws (which govern all forces and elements).  Why then, it would be one and the same as trusting the truth of knowledge, or understanding that truth is one and the same as the origins of knowledge.

Okay, now what?

What is the consensus of truth vs. beliefs – – – why the introduction and mental foreplay on explaining the mechanics and definitions of knowledge?

Because the upcoming example being presented here is somewhat harsh – rather, it is a lesson of tough love for adults.  We live on the cusp of the age of reasoning, which has already pretty much transformed into the age of information and which is now beginning its transformation into the age of quantum information processing – –  and the future of information is depending on this standard, both for humans (intuitive intelligence) and for computing systems (artificial intelligence).  However quantum information processing depends on the virtues of trust, (a necessary trait that can actually slow down the oncoming paradigm and dispensation of quantum information processing).  This is significant because, trust and truth are inseparable and if we do want to move into the age of quantum information processing, then the elements of truth and trust only ever come as a package deal.

The truth is that in order for quantum information processing to make its genuine mark in the age of intuitive computers, means that humans must also become more intuitive (the human brain definition for quantum information processing).

So, what is the crux of understanding and establishing truth? It unfortunately means we have to undo some of our beliefs.  If there was any way to explain to adults, especially Parents, that “parenting” is actually “brain development” – and be able to explain this without offending any parent, then TRUST that it would be done — and done so that the things we desire most for making life prosperous and peaceful for everyone  would also be changing advantageously at an uncontrollable rate.   Real brain development would and could spread like the wildest-out-of–control fire.

Scientific proof is staying afloat and computational thinking is silently gaining ground…

Parents can wait for the next generation to take advantage of the future’s information processing providence, or they can jump on the gravy train now and be part of the paradigm shift. So what is the question that parents need to be asking themselves? The question we ask of them – – is – – Are you the kind of parent who is willing to walk through fire for your children, the kind of parent who is willing to do anything to ensure your child(rens) health, happiness, safety and success? are you the type of parent that is willing to sacrifice anything for your children???  If so, does that include sacrificing your beliefs (and belief systems), or are your beliefs more important than your children???

Parenting IS brain development AND there is a truth to how the brain develops.  If our beliefs were more consistent with the truths of knowledge and cognitive development, then we’d already be on board and on the way to developing higher knowledge and using more of our brain’s potential than we have been using for the last 40,000+ years of human history. We are either on the side of truth and the future, or we are in the present, which is one and the same as being in the past.  For the sake of children and their future, we need to choose, whether we are parents or just the voyeurs of parents, all of us play some role of responsibility for the future citizens of our planet.  Join the side of truth, if you please. Give your brain a real chance at living in the future.

‘Til next time friends, yours TRULY, Carla, here at Cognitivology.

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. . . ABOUT ZERO. . .

[Excerpted by Author from various parts of book “THE DOTS CONNECTED – What Does Childhood Really Have to do with Adulthood, PLUS Intuition’s Role in Fulfilling Total Brain Development and the Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind” / How the Principles of e=mc2 are fully relevant to full human brain potential. (copyright 2013, 2018)       by C.Woolf & B. Conway

PART  I      “…ABOUT ZERO…” 

ZERO, yes that thing that the Mathematical Genius Pythagoras struggled with and rallied so forcefully against – – that thing your average 7 year old already automatically and intuitively understands – – are we missing something here?  Have we forgotten to properly define the meaning of “genius”?  Lo and behold, what that thing really does have something to do is Intuitive Intelligence — but we’ll let that part go for now.

Rumor has it that many Scientists and College Professors dislike and even disbelieve in the concept of Zero – just like Mr. Genius Pythagoras.  In the book, Origins by Dan Brown, he tells the story of one particular (Science) professor, having posted a note on his class or office door telling students that if they really wish to discuss “point zero”, they should immediately head to the Philosophy Dept.  Apparently he is (either under orders from University protocol, or) doing his best to avoid any conversations about point zero or anything that has occurred before point zero.  This seems to be relative to the “facts” that he disbelieves in a Creator and wants to deflect any discussions about an Intelligent Designer or Students trying to bring up the topic of a Deity.

Like other Folks and Physicists, this Professor is sticking to the story that all Matter and Energy, which sprung into being at the moment after the “Big Bang”, when Time and Space also started,— this is the substantially, visible, available evidence that we have to work with and that is all that matters.

But it’s unnecessary to believe in a Deity in order to understand the validity of POINT ZERO, and of all people in the world, Physicists should understand this best !! – Without Excuse !!

Imagine, there was nothing existing regarding Zero: What would The Financial Market do without 0’s ?  Then of course, there’s technology and especially computers — do the math you Physicists — that is what YOU do, right? What on earth would computers do without zeros and ones? – and hey, the future of all computing and coding is eventually going to be built on the strategies of quantum information processing — you might want to tell zeros to get lost, but Particles need their partnerships ~ one would get pretty lonely and limited without its zero companion.

What’s most revealing here is that non-sensible tendency to try leading information in the direction that you want it to go, for whatever reason, rather than follow the natural trail of information and seeing where it really leads.

This is where Physicists ought to give themselves their own Math test. It’s true, Math is Everything, and Math took off when Zero was discovered.  Actually, we should really say that “Arithmetic” and all of its related categories and sub-divisions (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, etc. took off when Zero was discovered) — Arithmetic, is a field of knowledge based on the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics (or the “Language of the Universe”, as Physicists like to affectionately call it – and all classifications of knowledge get their definitions and descriptions from the Fundamental Math Principles, nothing is exempt, and the most fundamental Principle is a Pattern and the most fundamental pattern of a pattern is POINT ZERO…. are Physicists still the smartest people in the world and are they smarter than a 7 year old …. ?

But where is the real contest dispensed and delivered ?  Well, well, that is decided by the Language of the Universe: one and the same as the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics.  And for posterity’s sake, it should be noted that since Math gives everything its definition (even when Arithmetic falls short of doing the numbers), it is therefore unnecessary to produce “scientific evidence” for something if the Math works.  Math is superior to Science because Math gives everything its definition, even Science.  People think that e=mc2 was true because it was scientifically proven, the fact is that it was scientifically proven, because relativity was true and Einstein computed this in his head with Math, before he started doing the Arithmetic.

Conclusively, let’s just put the Math and the Science together. Physicist, better than anyone (we hope) understand that all knowledge is derived from Energy and Matter.  All energy and matter is derived from the Universe’s elemental building blocks which are distinctively constructed with molecules, atoms, and its smallest parts – particles.

Since Physicists have to be involved, or at least interested in energy and matter and knowledge, the smallest part of which is a “particle”, it would seem that they ought to be interested in particles – that’s where the breadcrumb trail would seem to be leading — make sense so far?

Well then, if they’ve been properly and appropriately interested in Particles [even if they are a strict Physicist, as opposed to being a Particle Physicist or a Theoretical Physicist], how can a Physicist of all people deny the obvious fact that Particles have been observed and known to jump orbits in 0.0 seconds, and by some measurements, it even seems as though the particle jump is happening in even less than 0.0 seconds.  The question is how do Physicists justify wanting to ignore Point Zero AND still look like some of the smartest people on earth, and dismiss doing the real proof, which is THE MATH ? !! ?

PART II     ZERO belongs to EVERYTHING, whether the “experts”  like it, or dislike it.  By C. Woolf

Now, it gets a little harder…    (some of this information is recap from previous blog entries)

Some people believe that the ultimate debate is between Darwinian Evolutionary Biology VS Intelligent Design Creationism — this probably is the consummate debate among both scholars and laypeople alike, so it’s highly likely that this could steal the prize for heated discussions from a party room to a board room, and from the classroom to the symposium tables of leading world think tanks.

So again, while these factions debate with each other, each trying to scientifically outsmart the other, let us use the ultimate criteria for everything, once again, we are to do the Math !!! 

Both Darwinism and Creationism have much to answer for when it comes down to explaining full human brain potential, and the relevance of Point Zero, as well as the principles, properties and postulates of e=mc2, with regards to the development of the Microcosmic human brain.  This tale of two towering theories, of which most people either deliberately or inadvertently stand on either side of, means that apparently non-ignorant folks can hardly ignore the role of point zero in general human progress, which we must credit “math” with.

Either we must admit that Pythagoras was ignorant, or an idiot, or we ought to recognize Point Zero in the endeavors and echelons of general knowledge, advanced reasoning skills, and the requisite diverse elements defining the newest scientific fields of Computational Thinking and Quantum Information Processing (both Mathematical skills – – lol).  These new fields serve as the parameters for the future of Human Progress and ever greater technological development as technology partners with every part of our work, living, livelihood and recreational routines.

Until either of these opposing twins of faith can rigorously include the human brain’s involvement in EVERYTHING we do and understand, then neither faction holds the right to demand and direct the course of distributing and designing Knowledge & Educational standards for anybody in any culture.

The race to disseminating “purpose” vs. “purposelessness” has to be recalibrated, redefined and set in accordance with a definition of full human brain potential, particularly because we need our brains, we hope, to engage in a debate.

THEREFORE, both sides must rise to the occasion  – – Darwinism must fully explain the full potential of the human brain so that they may fully justify the purposelessness of our human brains AND the Creationists must also be able to fully explain the design of the human brain that will explain and justify its full purpose.

The human brain is the proving ground for this debate, since we need our brain to conduct this seemingly uncompromising debate, once and for all.  The future of the newest fields of Computational Thinking and Quantum Information Processing are depending on the outcome….

——————————-so long, until next time ——————————-



To be podcasted, and/or reprinted for Publication in due time !

This Broadcast is a call-out to the fields of Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience; 2 fields that should be fully united and equal in the pursuit of advancing Brain Sciences.

YOU HEREBY, stand in contempt of Fraud for operating under the guise and allure of being legitimate Scientific Disciplines, and for failing to comply with the explicit intention of working together for the betterment of human progress.

The STANDARD CRITERIA, namely Einstein’s e=mc2, as the basis for scientific modeling and discovery, has gone entirely unheeded for definition in this crucial field of Neuroscientific knowledge.

Relative to an article published in the NEW YORK Time,s a few years ago, describing HOW “Neuroscientists are still trying to get the back of the brain to shake hands with the front of the brain.” – – For this, there has been little traction, if any at all.  Nothing in the way of advancement has been accomplished or achieved on this matter — that is, until NOW:

For CLARIFICATION PURPOSES, it must be known that the one set of universal laws governing all forces, elements and entities throughout the universe, are also, equally relevant and applicable to the MICROCOSMIC HUMAN BRAIN..  There is nothing exempting us humans from this same DISTINCTION – and we need our brains to understand and abide by these parameters.

So it should go without even saying so – that there is that one same set of laws defining Emotioning + Reasoning as one identical process, the same goes for Intelligence + Behavior, for Truth + Trust, and the list goes on….

All human attributes have now been fully re-defined for COHESIVENESS in accordance with the principles, properties and postulates of e=mc2 by none other than COGNITIVOLOGY.

As a field striving for authentic professionalism, Neuroscience has, albeit inadvertently, led the Public astray by circumventing and therefore MISSING the bulls-eye mark of genuine Cognitive Development; that particular stage which, fully reveals the actual platform and hence, the natural clause for higher, and indeed FULL HUMAN BRAIN POTENTIAL, consequently stunting real human progress !

The promise of a better future for today’s children hangs in a precarious balance between Technological Artificial Intelligence and Human Intuitive Intelligence.  Only real Brain Sciences can make good on the promise to deliver realistic hope and distinctly directed advancement to the children of today and to future generations.

Neuroscience ought to be in the position of leading every field of knowledge, because we all need our brains for EVERYTHING we do, BUT first and foremost, Neuroscience must advance itself by taking on the rigor of e=mc2.