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TO CHOOSE OR AVOID CHOOSING… TO DECIDE OR AVOID DECIDING – that is the question, sooooo what are the options?

It’s pretty simple, although it is complex – – it’s uncomplicated.

If you really want to be smart, the smartest thing you can do is know how the human brain really works, so that you can really make your brain work for you.   —–~COGNITIVOLOGY

Most people are sadly disinterested in real brain development.  Some dislike it altogether and there are others still who are deeply afraid of this topic. But for those who want to have an actual option, that is, have the CHOICE to choose between the traditional version of brain development, (which has been the only one available so far the past thousands of years) VS. those who literally want to know the authentic version of human brain potential, and all of its genuine capabilities, such as providing the actual mechanisms for generating full brain potential for today’s young children and all future generations, then it makes sense that people ought to receive the alert that such an option is available.

Enter COGNITIVOLOGY. Where does Cognitivology or anybody find the answers to the formula for full human brain potential?  The only place they can be found – in and from the brain itself.

Having real choices is a human birthright~ brought together by plasticity imprinted by parenting, that incorporates a standard system of cognitively correct language, because without language, cognition is, at best elusive, and at worst inaccessible. Furthermore, without language coding that supports full brain potential then cognitive development will always remain limited – i.e., stuck on the version we’ve been using for the last 50,000 years.


The most essential ingredient for human cognition is nothing other than the plain and simple ingredient of “cognitive development“.These complex but uncomplicated cognitive ingredients include (among many other elements): Emotional Literacy, multi-dimensional senses, an intuitional acquisition of the Fundamental Principles of Mathematics, the basics of Natural Science, and the flexibility of communication & collaboration – – all of which must be fundamentally meshed together in the 1st five years of brain development. Why? Because that’s when 90% of the brain’s dominant neuronal wiring is set for a lifetime of learning, which requires plasticity ~ ~ That is to say that the plasticity program or version that you will retain for a lifetime is set, when all of these factors are set and meshed together in early cognitive development.  Patterns, predilections and proclivities imprinted during this time are the most influential and subsequently, make those traits the hardest to alter – – including the fundamental tensile strength of your own plasticity flexibility.

The first truth about real human brain development is that the 90% rule of plasticity is established during that stage when 90% of the brain is developing.  The plasticity you experience and apply now and/or after the first 5 years of life is the 10% latitude or margin that will still give actual flexibility ranges to the plasticity features of the brain. Historically, human brain development has been approached in reverse. Cognitivology is unveiling the unadapted correct order for fulfilling full human brain plasticity. Simply put — does it make sense to establish the 90% part so that it is fully engineered to fully support the 10% part for a total of 100% elasticity for your lifetime learning plasticity?

Unlimited Flexible lifetime Neuro-plasticity is only as usefully applicable as the original ingredients of cognitive development that would have been installed during the foundational functions (original switchboard) of cognitive development capabilities. If there are basic cognitive functions that were missed being implanted or imprinted into the original hardware, software or switchboard of any of the authentic capabilities of human cognition, it is impossible to have that function for which to exercise any flexible plasticity, as well as any cognitive processing for a function that missed being laid.  This is the truth about true cognitive processing

The smartest thing anybody can do is know how their brain really works and thus make it really work for you.  For thousands of years people have sought spiritual nirvana, highly intellectual genius capacity, the golden seal of compassionate care for other humans, beauty in art, mastery in music, ideal political systems, advance economic strategies or programs for world peace – – all of which require the use of our brains, all of which either independently or together have negligibly changed humanity on a unifying or global scale.  The most unifying of all elements is our brain, and it therefore, should be given the chance, indeed put at center stage for addressing the underlining issues that keep us disunited.  We look for the highest orders of all other things that require the use of our brain yet we have yet to reconcile that we should actually  unveil and implement the highest order of our brain’s capacities. For everything that humans seek and desire to create, true brain development is the definition for it!

–C. A. Woolf